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practical production supporting account

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PRACTICAL PRODUCTION - SUPPORTING ACCOUNT Context and Purpose What is your product? What is it for? What is its function? (To inform? To entertain? To provoke debate?) Where does it belong? (eg "We considered making an item for the regional news programme, which is shown after the national news each evening") For our practical production we have produced a trailer for a movie we have written which is called "Samara's Doubles". In order to advertise our movie , out trailer has been used to advertise our movie in between programmes as an advert, in cinemas just before a movie starts and we have film posters which are up in many shopping centres around the UK and the USA and local shops in counties and cities. Our film poster will also show up in magazine adverts. Our film genre is spoof. It is to entertain the audience and make everyone laugh and to enjoy themselves. Institution Who might want to publish it/distribute it? How will you distribute it? How will you ensure your audience gets to see it? Our movie will be distributed by many cinemas such as the Cineworld Cinemas which are know for the best multiplex screens in London and Feltham, Ashford, Bolton Birmingham, Brighton, Swindon, Stockport and many many more. ...read more.


However I really believe that the time we took with our project it was all worth it and our trailer was a success. I also believe that our trailer turned out to be a little humorous and interesting. I really enjoyed the editing as all the humour and horror clips came together and came out to be quite effective and I am very happy with the outcome of our project. We had many different comments form the other students from my school who watched the trailer. There were many positive comments and many negative comments too. The negative comments included advice about how we could have improved the set or our trailer and the acting or the actors. There were criticisms such as how we could have used different effects for the trailer and also that we could have improved on the editing. Whereas many people also disagreed with the fact that the editing was not completed to our best ability and thought that we tried very hard and it turned out to be very interesting a worth of our time we had taken on it. ...read more.


(now you know why I told you not to throw anything away!! Even the rough sketches!) You should include your pre-production work as an appendix (it will not be included in your word count). Some design work that includes a front cover will also enhance the appearance of the account and provide those among you with a flair for design with the chance to show off your skills. Remember that you are set an 800 word limit (Editing and prioritising information will be important to you one day if you decide to work in the media.) SUPPORTING ACCOUNT GREMLINS!! Tick these off after you have completed your supporting account 1. Title in full and capitals 2. Use sub-headings 3. Words count (800-1000) 4. No txt spelling (ur gr8) 5. Mention Media language: * Camera shots and angles * Use of music * Use of colour * Use of fonts * Research conventions 6. Work must have paragraphs under sub-headings. Can use bullet points/drawings/charts/pictures too if you like 7. Mention name of production 8. Mention name of your company and members 9. Mention any Film Festival nominations 10. Mention feedback from audience. 11. Use KEY MEDIA TERMS (e,g, Audience, Representation, Institution, Media Language. 12. Check spellings and punctuation: e.g. WHS, could HAVE not could OF, are/our, there/their. ...read more.

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