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Review, analyse and comment on some TV adverts that are advertising the snack 'Peperami'.

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GCSE media coursework- Peperami BY BEN GRINSTED My main aim in this essay is to review, analyse and comment on some TV adverts that are advertising the snack 'Peperami'. TV advertising is an extremely good way of marketing a product because it has a huge potential audience. There is a downside to TV advertising though, in the fact it can be very expensive. It would cost about �45 000 to air a 30 second advert. Peperami is a spicy meat snack made from salami and pepper, which forms the word 'Peperami'. The product's target audience are men aged between 17-25, who are always on the move. It is ideal for them because at their age they are very fit and active. They would prefer to eat something quick and easy, without having to cook it or use a knife and fork. This particular target audience would appreciate these type of adverts because they feel they can relate to them. ...read more.


When the peperami is portrayed like this the target audience find this funny and love it because it is zany, insane, violent and manic. They love this because 17-25 year olds are generally into these types of things and laugh at anything vaguely funny. Within the advert, a part that catches my eye and most probably the target audience's eye the most is when the different peperami is squashed and the others laugh at it. When I see the adverts they all make me laugh because they are so original and different to the ordinary advert you see everyday. It also persuades me to buy the product. All the adverts follow the same template and everything happens in the same order. First of all there is a setting like a pub that relates to the target audience. The peperami then does something insane and funny like grating its head on a cheese grater. ...read more.


When they see the advert they think that they can handle the peperami and to prove it to themselves they go out and buy themselves one. However older groups of people may find these adverts offensive and feel they influence younger children to do crazy things like the peperami. This is because they were brought up in a different generation and have a different view on things in life. In addition, young viewers would most probably laugh at the adverts. My own personal opinion is that these adverts are very funny. I believe that none should be banned from television because I feel they are cleverly portrayed. Using scenes of a sexual and violence nature within advertising have no bad effect on me. I believe this is okay as long as they are not overused because this can result in influencing younger children. In my opinion, the cleverest advert is the one set in the street but my favourite is the advert where the peperami grates his head on the cheese grater. It would be nice for the public to see these advertisements as funny and clever. 1 ...read more.

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