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The difficulty of advertising cars.

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MEDIA ESSAY Cars are very hard to sell because they need to appeal to a wide range of people. The advertisers make different cars for different people, and advertise them differently. E.g. a 2-seat sports car that had no space, wouldn't appeal to a large family of 5 because they would need lots of space. For a male driver they would advertise its handling, speed, acceleration and all of its specifications, rather than advertise its designer labels and CD-players, which would appeal more to a female. Cars are luxury items, and are very expensive to buy and manufacture. They are also expensive to advertise. A failed advertising campaign could mean they could have lost a lot of money. There are several reasons why you might want to but a car, such as: You could want to impress their mates. Or want to have a means of transport, to get to work etc. The ford focus advert is aimed at young females. The advert is set in a spacious modern room. Everything is spaced out and blurred, to give the effect that the car is modern and spacious. The blurred light coloured background makes the dark car stand out from the rest of the advert. ...read more.


The male adverts take a very different approach, in comparison to the female adverts. Firstly there is a picture of the black 4x4 BMW. With a windsurfer on top of the car, this is to show, that the car has dynamic handling. There is a white background to make the picture stand out. Also in the male advert the writing is all about performance and handling not about being tailor made and having leather trims and CD-players. They both have logo's and slogans but instead of head of fashion it "the ultimate driving machine". It has a BMW logo. And they give you the details of the price. The rover letter addresses you in person, to make it feel more personal. "Dear Miss Nickless". The advertisers put some things in bold text to make it stand out from the rest of the letter. "When did you last travel in style?" This is also a question to get you interested. They put across the idea that life's better when you have a rover. "Traffic jams aren't quite so tedious, red lights aren't such a pain." The advertisers are also getting extra publicity from being sponsored by the commonwealth games. ...read more.


The background was black and then the writing appears, " the new audie quatro," "the ride of your life." By the end of the advert the horn is very loud. I find this advert very effective because, it was short and good, with a good slogan that went with the rest of the advert very well. I thought this advert was aimed at males, because it has a bull rider at the start in a big stadium. All of the adverts were different because they had to target different audiences. The different mediums used different techniques. The posters had to be eye catching and interesting to look at, the TV adverts had used visual effects as well as musical effects. The letters were persuasive and personal and gave you a lot of information, where as the T.V adverts and the posters had to interest you, and make you want to find out more about the car. I thought the most effective advert was the T.V advert of the Audie. I thought it was short and very memorable. Over all I think the TV adverts were the best because they were more interesting than the others, and would make me want to bye a car more than a letter would. ...read more.

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