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The role that advertising plays in the world today.

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The role that advertising plays in the world today. Advertising is used in many ways and comes in many shapes and forms, its all around us and no matter what we do or where we go we will be surrounded by adverts whether we know it or not. You will always be a victim of self advertisement, like it or not but we will be because items of clothing, your car, even the pair of glasses you may be wearing will include some sort of logo or brand name that advertises the fact that you own something manufactured by this company and doing this advertises to the world that this company make such a product and you are also modelling it for them. In a way when you have a product that includes logos, brand names, slogans etc you are doing the company a favour because you are making them a profit by buying their product and then you are doing free advertising because of the logos on it or whatever there may be. A certain brand name may also be a way of branding yourself to a specific group or culture because certain social groups may only associate themselves with a brand name and this is because they have been purchasing these items and have taken them to a new class, whether its taking a high class design down or a low class design up. ...read more.


Offer ends 31st January 2005' You would usually expect it to say something like that at the very bottom of the page in the smallest print on the page because its usually an included feature in all adverts advertising an offer of some sort. This poster is using a 2d effect throughout the advert, it almost seems like cardboard but at the same time looks very much animated and cartoon style drawn. This advert is trying to sell an offer for upgrading your existing pay as you go tariff mobile phone to a newer, better pay as you go tariff mobile phone and then in return get the ability to send as many text messages as you like for the low rate of 3p. The bear also gives the appearance that this is set in the mountains of Canada or America because that is were you can find these bears. The bear has a glum look on his face with his mug of coffee in his hand, almost as if he has just woken up and isn't in a very good mood, the white outlines coming up from behind the centre of the page behind the mountains is the sun, it has a circular appearance to it. The mug in the bears hand that reads 'worlds greatest dad' signifies that the bear is a father of other bears and is in a way trying to say that if you ...read more.


but would like to be as up to date with the latest technology without having to fork out huge amounts of money. The age rating is more of young men around the ages of 18-15, the ages of which most people are in their first job and don't have the greatest amount of cash. Advertising comes in many shapes and forms, they can be huge billboards that stand tall over a road or the motorway, or a small little leaflet that is being handed out in the street that are only going to contribute towards the amount of litter in the streets but the one thing that all adverts have in common is the fact that they are all purposely designed to make us think or behave in a certain way. Advertising has become a huge business were large amounts of money can be made, because companies want the best adverts going they employ private businesses that are up to date with the technology etc but when making an advert a lot of hard work goes into it because they spend a lot of time and money into the product analysis to find the best way to advertise the product or whatever it may be that they have been employed to advertise, then they also have to look into how other companies are advertising and what they are doing to attract the crowds ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Dorling ...read more.

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