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To what extent do advertisers perpetuate stereotypical roles and images in order to target specific audiences?

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To what extent do advertisers perpetuate stereotypical roles and images in order to target specific audiences? Advertising is a multi million pound industry that targets people of all ages and gender, in order to sell and promote products. By targeting these different people the images and messages vary considerably both in the visual and verbal sense, so stereotyping occurs to reach a wider audience. Adverts directed at teenagers persuade them that by purchasing a particular product they are 'fitting in' with other teenagers and role models. Often negative comments and perception can result in prejudice against a particular person or group, as in the case of the African American lawyer. When dressed in a suit was treated with great respect but when he changed into casual clothes and bandanna he was avoided and shunned by the public. Robert Winston's television programme on our perception of others also demonstrated this. Many advertisements in the media use stereotypes to persuade the target audience to buy their product. The definition of stereotype is to demonstrate an over-generalised idea, impression or point of view allowing for no individuality or variation. ...read more.


The target audience of this advert is predominately men although women who feel that their partners fit the 'techno bunny' category may be influenced by it to. The reason why I feel men are the target audience is because many men like watching sport on television and playing computer games. It stereotypes people by inferring that by "getting out more" and driving the car with its lively engine they will have some real fun and is everything they'll need to keep them from staying in. The U.S.P's are different, the Ford Focus Ebony's U.S.P is "To show off when you buy this car" but the others U.S.P is "To get out more", stop being a 'techno bunny'. In the advertisement for the Ford Focus Ebony the advertisers have managed to get across the message that like Coco Channels message that every women should have a little black dress in their wardrobe, they should also have their 'little ebony number' in the garage. This unique selling point is clearly aimed at women as women love wearing sexy dresses, also that "Everyone should have one", thereby being the envy of friends and having a sexy image. ...read more.


By showing the Ford Fiesta advertisement in shadow and light this layout portrays an active life in the sunshine, enjoying the open road as opposed to living in dark seclusion. Conclusion As a conclusion, I think both advertisements are deliberately perpetuating the stereotypes. In the Ford Focus Ebony advert it deliberately perpetuates stereotypes by laying out the advert so the dresses are attractive to women rather than men. Also, Coco Channel and the writing on the advert makes people buy the product to 'fit in' with other people and role models. In the All-new Ford Fiesta advert, it also deliberately perpetuates stereotyping by using a man sitting in the dark, playing on computer games, as well as using the new car in the background getting all the attention. It also perpetuates stereotypes because a women might have a partner who does not get out much, so she could 'fall into the advertisers net' by influencing the purchase of the car. I think that the adverts are encouraging people to buy a new car to change their lifestyle. Advertising is aimed at particular groups to maximise their impact and are deliberately different in their approach perpetuating the stereotype image. 4 1 Matthew Austin Year 11 ...read more.

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