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With reference to two advertisement, show how advertisers use particular devices to engage their target audience and persuade consumers to buy their product

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GCSE Media Assignment Advertising With reference to two advertisement, show how advertisers use particular devices to engage their target audience and persuade consumers to buy their product Advertising is the non-personal communication of information, which is persuasive in nature about a product, service or idea. Advertising is a paid communication, which can be seen in newspaper, magazines, direct mail, TV and is often broadcasted on the radio. It usually focuses on the good parts of the product in order to get people to buy it. The two adverts that I have chosen to analyse are both car adverts. One is a Peugeot 206 cc and the other is a Smart Roadster. At first glancing at the adverts, it is obvious which one is more eye-catching, the Smart Roadster. The background is a light green with a large picture of the car at the front. The colour of this background could symbolise; envy, fun, nature and desire. There are more meanings of this colour, which I will go into more detail later. The Peugeot 206 cc has no bright colour on it apart from the colour of the car itself, red. The picture of the car is in the background and pictures of snakes are in the foreground. The colour red stands out from the rest of the advert because the colours in the advert are dull. Red could symbolise, love, anger, blood, power and energy. I picked these adverts because they use similar techniques to advertise the product, but are set out in different ways. ...read more.


Another aspect of this colour is life and vitality. By purchasing this car you could start a new life or add vitality to the one you have. This could signify being happy and could symbolise a change. This denotes that you will be happier if you buy the car. Often people who drive red cars are bold and dynamic. It is often said about people that you can tell what kind of person they are by the car they drive. I'm not sure if this is true but the colour is correct. Because red is bold it often links in with power and energy, this could carry on suggesting if you have power and energy it is likely that it will boost your confidence. From reading further into this colour I have also found that red also is associated with root Chakra that deals with life at the level of practicality. This then suggests that the car is practical and also desirable, as it is associated with love (red roses). Although these are the good points about the colour red there are some bad ones. Stop signs are which indicate danger. There is also fire and burning along with anger and temptation. This concluded back to the colour of the car and the slogan 'What would you go through?' If you were tempted enough would you go through something you feared. The Smart Roadster is more eye-catching of the two adverts because of the light green background colour. ...read more.


The design of the logo and the intricacy of it maybe to show the care put into not just the logo, but the car as well. Then hereditary of the lion suggest, kings, warriors, royalty, guards, English football shirts. This indicates that you would feel powerful in the car and it would be a privilege to drive. The logo on the Smart Roadster is in lower case text suggesting child like letters. This implies play and learning which you may have in the car. The logo stands out from the background colour and the outside edge is angular hinting that the handling of the car is good as well as the traction of the tyres. The c in the logo could denote vision and what you can see whilst in the car. It could also mean how people see you when driving. The triangular shape next to this letter could be a play button suggesting you will have fun in this car non-stop. To conclude this piece of writing I would say that the Smart roadster is more effective because of the use of colour, pictures, advertising techniques used and the text. The Peugeot 206 cc advert appeals to a larger audience therefore the advert cannot use some words that are extensive in language if the person is younger. The Smart Roadster advert appeals you a younger audience consequently using a younger language than it would if it was for an older audience. The colours on the Smart Roadster advert are a lot more fun than the Peugeot 206 cc advert implying I would have more fun if I bought that car. ...read more.

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