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Yves Saint Laurent Opium Advert - Controls of advertising and the media.

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MARKETING: CONTROLS OF ADVERTISING AND THE MEDIA In this report I will explain the impact that advertising has on consumers. I will also analysis and present findings of statistical analysis on an advertising campaign. The campaign that I have chosen to research is the famous Yves Saint Laurent Opium Advert featuring Sophie Dahl. I will also identify the statutory bodies and controls that influence and control advertising. Including the purposes of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), along with the Independent Television Commission (ITC). I will also describe the principles of Self Regulation (SR) and explain its application in the advertising industry. The complaints procedure for the statutory bodies will also be highlighted in this report. Adjudication: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Ltd 34 Dover Street London W1X 3RA Complaint to the ASA: Objections to a poster, for a perfume, that featured a pale naked woman set against a dark blue background. She was lying on her back with her knees raised, her head reclined and her mouth open; her left hand covered her left breast; the right breast was exposed. The complainant objected that the image was offensive, degrading to women and unsuitable in a public place. ...read more.


I have three children and do not have any problem with this image. Alun Jenkins, UK Yeah its great but maybe it's time we saw some naked men in a few ads to kind of even out the balance a bit... Penny, UK It seems a lot of girls are offended by it and all the boys think its fantastic. I don't find the picture offensive but it's interesting that there are far more 'sexy' pictures of women in advertising than men. Why? Therasa Jazowy, Australia It's about time the ASA acted upon its own code of practice, well done ASA. There is a big difference between art and pornography and if the advertisers can't see the difference, then they should seek advice. Are products so poor that advertisers have to use sexuality to promote them? Asif Suleman, UK There is nothing wrong with nakedness at all, but there is a time and a place for everything. Haven't the advertisers realised that in multi-cultural Britain today some may find this poster very offensive? What is wrong with a woman's fully clothed figure leaving the rest to the imagination? Darren Yates, UK The ad has already done its job by creating much greater public awareness of the Opium brand. ...read more.


* No advertisements should bring advertising into disrepute. * Advertisements must conform to the Codes. * The Codes are applied in the spirit as well as in the letter. * An advertiser must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims made for a product before the advertisement is submitted. * No advertisement should cause fear or distress without good reason. I have no personal objection to the Opium advert, although anyone, whether they think the ad is offensive or not, will admit that it is sexually suggestive. The majority of the population are quite positive towards the Opium advert, but some feel that the advert had just gone too far. However, a similar proportion felt that some people are just too sensitive about the advert. Issues highlighted that younger people tended to be less sensitive in relation to 'traditionally' offensive areas, such as sexual images and there seemed to be differences in their views of images that caused offence. It was clear that the reactions from the random samples taken in this report, that the location and type of media were crucial, with particular concern expressed as to whether children would see it and whether groups likely to be offended (such as religious/cultural groups) would see it. ASA Statistics 2000 www.bbc.co.uk www.bandt.com www.cultsock.ndirect.co.uk www.presscouncil.org Michelle Greenfield PAGE |1 15/05/2003 ...read more.

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