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Activity Log

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Citizenship Coursework Planning We have selected our group consisting of Pat Hill, Zain Woolard, Scott Taylor, Alan Cockayne, Andy Smith and Lauren Higson; we chose to be a group because we are all friends and have cooperated successfully in the past, this is the reason our group will hopefully be equally as successful. We have chosen to do fund-raising for the charity of Christies Cancer Research, we chose this because we believe collectedly that putting something back into the community is beneficial is for the community and us. The idea for the activity was to do an 11-a-side teachers football match, along with an Yr7 Dodge ball Competition and a Department Athletics Competition. The activities week was democratically chosen and a unanimous vote concluded this original idea; we chose to have this because everyone has an equal to vote in a democracy. Contribution of the Others Each person has to contribute to the original running of the activity. ...read more.


Zain Woolward Zain is going to be assisting where ever he can, for example making posters, officiating in the match and selling tickets. We believe Zain is a vital part of our group because he pulls his weight wherever needed. Pat Hill I will be officiating in the game and selling tickets and generally helping wherever I can. I will be officiating in the games because I have a general knowledge of the rules of the sports. Planning 17th February: We will take a democratic to see what kind of event we will do and also take another vote on the charity that will receive the winnings. 27th February: I will proceed to write up the first part of my coursework and also we will vote people into jobs and roles that they are happy to fulfil; this will be democratically. 13th March: We will to enquire into whether staff will give up their spare for the event. We will also decide and negotiate a date for the event to be held. ...read more.


We will also decide on the teams that should be fair. All in democratic votes and will make the teams fair for the teachers, promoting equal opportunities. 5th May: Organise a rota for the selling of tickets in the hall. Design and eventually print fliers for registers; these fliers will advertise the event. Keep Christies informed of the progress we are making. 7th May: Finalise all plans for the ball and raffling plan 9th May: Make sure all participating are informed and are in the know how of how the game will progress; including start and end times. 11th May: Get hold of buckets for the event, to collect "pay on the door" money and any spare change donations. Also get hold of a megaphone which will be used in the event for commentary. 12th May: Hold event and count all the money we have received. 13th May: Start to tear down posters. Carry on with the write up of the coursework. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Whiteside PSHE Mrs Haslam ...read more.

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