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Analysis of the short story Irregularities by Courtney Jones

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Assignment B Irregularities The short story Irregularities, written by Courtney Jones and published in 2003, deals with various aspects of human life and the consequences of hopeless love. The pivotal point in the short story is the female narrator and her short "relationship" with her employer, Dr. Soleander. Their relationship cannot be described as an affair because of its short existence and due to Dr. Soleander's lack of interest in the female narrator after they've spent a night together in his office. We meet the female narrator, whose name is never to be known, as she explains about a recent appearance of onion intolerance. The intolerance includes several others groceries and is due to the fact that the narrator is pregnant - by whom, we discover in line 11, "My boss, James Soleander, M.D., doesn't even know yet about the baby inside me, though I believe he ought to. He's the one who put it there"1. The single sentence tells us not only that the father to the baby is Dr Soleander, but it also explains a lot about the narrator herself. ...read more.


neck or looking down my blouse as he dictated a letter, no inappropriate rear end touching by the coffee machine, and, as far as I know, there was nothing missing in his life that he suddenly saw in my life (...)"4. The same way their relationship evolves, the same way does it ends. About approximately 1-11/2 month after their intercourse, the two goes to a medical conference in Hilton Head and shortly after their return it becomes clear that Dr. Soleander isn't that interested in the female narrator, as she first assumed or hoped. Dr. Soleanders lack of interest could be seen in the light of his family life and marriage with another woman. As the narrator explains, Dr. Soleanders wife is "beautiful and sweet, well groomed, charming at parties"5 - in short: overall perfect opposite the female narrator, who envy this woman because she's got everything the female narrator hasn't. However, a parallel to this is also the recurring image of the female narrator being "irregular". ...read more.


Efter at han "er g�et fra hende" --> seancen imellem dem bliver beskrevet uromantisk --> "that we once shared a sack of cells in my malfunctioning belly".Babyen blev et middel for hende til at opn� et andet liv --> da hun ikke kan f� det, vender hun sig fra det hun kender i forvejen og stagnerer i stedet. F�r hun abort? lunefuld Write an essay (700-1000 words) in which you analyze and interpret the short story Irregularities. Your essay must include the following points: - A characterization of the narrator and Dr Soleander - The way their relationship develops - The theme(s) - Recurring (tilbagevendende) images - The way the story is built up Komposition: Word count: 1 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 8, line 11. 2 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 9, line 43-44. 3 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 11, line 125-126. 4 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 10, line 79-82. 5 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 10, line 83-84. 6 Irregularities by Courtney Jones, page 10, line 102-103. ?? ?? ?? ?? 031, Lea Mejdahl Nielsen 3t (elev nr. 30), eksamens nr. 09, Engelsk B, 11. Marts 2008 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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