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The aim of my osmosis coursework is to determine the concentration of cell sap, inside a potato.

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Osmosis Coursework- Preliminary Work Aim The aim of my osmosis coursework is to determine the concentration of cell sap, inside a potato. I will determine the concentration of cell sap by, using different concentrations of sucrose solution outside the potato. I will do this to this to see, which solution best matches the cell sap inside the potato. If the water is less in the potato, then the potato will gain water and increase in mass. However if the water is more in the potato, then the potato will lose water and decrease in mass. This therefore means, if the sucrose concentration outside equals the concentration of cell sap inside, there will be no net movement of water (osmosis). So, if there is no net movement of water, the potato's mass will stay the same. Fair Test In order to make my experiment a fair test, I will keep the following constant: The amount of sucrose solution used. ...read more.


This is because it was left in the solution longer than any other. I am also going to use the same balance to weigh my potato chips. This is because the measurements may slightly vary between scales. Prediction I predict that the lower the concentration of the sugar solution in the test tube the larger the mass of the potato will be. This is because the water molecules pass from a high concentration, the water, to a low concentration, in the potato chip. Therefore, the chips in higher water concentrations will have a larger mass than in higher sugar concentrations. Equipment In order for me to do this experiment, I will need the following equipment: * Fresh white potato * Five test tubes * Different concentrations of sucrose solution * Cork borer * White tile * Scalpel * Ruler Before I do my final experiment, I will have to do some preliminary work first. For my coursework I have to do preliminary work because, the concentration of the sucrose needs to be very precise, in order to get accurate results. ...read more.


After completing my preliminary experiment I produced the following results: Sucrose Concentration (%) Starting Mass Of Potato Chip (g) Final Mass Of Potato Chip (g) Change in Mass Of Potato chip (g) 10% 2.5 2.9 0.4 20% 2.5 2.0 0.5 30% 2.5 1.7 0.8 40% 2.5 2.0 0.5 50% 2.5 1.9 0.6 From my preliminary work I discovered that, the largest mass change occurred from, the thirty percent sucrose solution. The least change occurred from the smallest concentration of sucrose solution, ten percent. This meant that I would use a range of sucrose solutions, either side of ten percent for my real experiment. Therefore for my real experiment I have decided, to use the following range of sucrose solutions: 4%, 8%, 10%, 12% and 14 % sucrose. Using this range will, give me an accurate result for the sucrose solution in the potato. Initially, for my range I had decided to use, three percentages of sucrose solution, on either side of the ten percent sucrose solution. However, there were not any other sucrose solutions available, so I had to do alter my range. ?? ?? ?? ?? Harinder Sandhu ...read more.

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