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Till Death Do We Part

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Jamie Birdom was a loyal, obedient housewife. She would wake up everyday, check that the house was spotless, go shopping and come home to prepare dinner. She would wait for her husband to finish work and then eat dinner together. This was her daily routine. She didn't socialize, nearly never left the house for reasons other than getting groceries. However, on the first Wednesday of May, 2008, her routine changed. Her husband had started to stay back at the office a few weeks ago, it would be the occasional text message simply saying; Honey, I'm sorry, I won't be coming home tonight, start dinner without me, I'll be home as soon as I finish at the office. These messages became more common until they came nearly every night. Jamie was antisocial, but not stupid, she knew something was happening, just hadn't figured out what. That Wednesday, she did figure it out, as soon as she did, she wished she hadn't. ...read more.


and so, she left. She packed her bags and left a note on the door. Honey, I'm sorry, I won't be coming home tonight, start dinner without me. Don't wait up. She quickly found the black panties and stapled them to her note. This was the last time Jamie had any contact with Charlie. She was devastated but in the following months she survived, barely, but survived. These were her darkest days, she never left the apartment she had rented, all she needed was delivered. Money wasn't a problem, fortunately. She had acquired a substantial amount with the deaths of her parents the previous year. She was going through hell until she met Layla Derrum. Layla was her new roommate, although she wasn't notified by her landlord, Jamie was grateful for her company. They grew closer until one night at dinner Jamie had undercooked the steaks. ...read more.


He rushed over to her and they embraced. There was a sharp pain, a silver glint and that would be the last thing he would ever see. His body hit the floor with a thud and began to gurgle in a pool of his own blood. She didn't stop, she hacked away at the body, severing the head, ripped out his heart and broke it, like how he broke Jamie's. The police later found a woman, naked, asleep holding the remnants of a human heart in her hands in room 14. Your honour, ladies and gentlemen of the jury I must clarify a few points here. The police did fid my client at the crime scene but she did not kill Charlie Birdom, her fingerprints do match the fingerprints found on the murder weapons. Layla Derrum is the one you want, Jamie is innocent, but you'll never find Layla. You see, Layla Derrum and Jamie Birdom are the same person. ...read more.

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