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Exercise Plan for Football Players.

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* Title Page * Contents * Introduction * Gentle Exercise * Gentle Exercise Continued * Gentle Exercise Continued * Aerobic Workout * Exercises Using Weight Machines * Aerobic Exercises Using Weight Machines * Exercise Regime Charts * Conclusion * Bibliography Football, being a very energetic sport, means the players should stay fit and healthy. To do this they have a specific exercise plan, this will ensure that the players will not get tired throughout the ninety minute game. In this assignment I am going to devise a possible exercise and fitness plan for this sport. In it I will include, gentle exercise, low level stretch, curl ups for abdominal muscles and mobilising exercises for shoulders and hips. I will include plans for exercises with and without the use of weights. I will add an exercise regime table. I will then evaluate my work. At first the players will have to do a Gentle exercise to warm up. This will help to try and prevent any injuries that may occur, whilst completing the rest of the exercise plan. At first the players will have to stretch their muscles, starting from the top of their bodies. Head and Neck Rotation. * Begin by tilting head back slightly. * Draw chin forwards and level the head. * Keeping head level, return to upright. ...read more.


Repeat using the other leg. Squats (Quads, Hamstrings and Gluteals.) - Stand with abdominal contracted and feet hip width apart, arms should be stretched in front. Bend at knees lowering the body and inhaling while doing so. Thighs should remain parallel to the floor and head should be kept in line with the spine. Do not lean too far forward as this places stress on the lower back and makes the exercise less effective. Hold momentarily at the bottom position then whilst exhaling return to the starting position. Repeat this 10 times. This completes the warm up exercise. For the aerobic workout, the players should jog for a minimum of thirty minutes. In this jog they should include side stepping and also skipping. After thirty minutes the pace should be reduced to a brisk walk, this should be done for five minutes. Following the brisk walk, the pace should again be reduced to a relaxed walk; this should also be done for five minutes. When the players have completed their aerobic work out a warm down should take place. In the warm down, some stretches that were used in the warm up, should be used again. Warming down is very important. ...read more.


Again in this warm down some stretches from the warm up will be used, this will help prevent muscle soreness or any injuries. This is a chart to show my exercise regime for the football players. Body Part Exercise Sets Reps Neck Head Rotation 1 1 Shoulders and Chest Deep Stretch 1 1 Press-Ups 2 10 Back Latissimus Dorsi Stretch 2 10 Arms Triceps Stretch 1 1 Abdomen Basic Crunch 2 10 Oblique Curl 2 10 Legs Calf Stretch 1 1 Squats 1 10 Without Weights With Weights Body Part Exercise Sets Reps Weight Chest Flat dumbbell press 1 10 5kgs Back Seated row 1 1 - Lateral Pull Down 1 10-20 5kgs Arm Bicep Curls 1 10 3kgs Leg Leg Press 1 20 5kgs From doing this assignment, I have found that planning an exercise regime can be very difficult. I enjoyed doing this assignment but I did find it quite hard. I decided to do two different types of exercise plans. One which did involve weights and one which did not. If I completed this assignment again then I would try and add more detail and possibly some pictures. For this assignment I collected my information from different sources. The majority of my information came from a book. Shaping up - Health and Healing, The natural way. The rest of my information was from my own college work. Kirsty Zimmermann Sports Therapy 6 ...read more.

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