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Personal exercise plan

Extracts from this document...


Personal exercise plan Introduction I always liked sports, sports for me is something that enjoyed playing. For this course work, I have chosen to complete a circuit-training programme. This is because I need to improve my chosen sport, which is Netball, I have chosen Netball because I am quite familiar with this sports. I have been plying netball for three years now, and I see my self as intermediate player. I also enjoy playing the sports. Seeing as netball is fast game and is mainly about running, jumping, throwing, catching, attacking, defending, and scoring or stopping goals being scored, it require me to be a good team-mate and therefore would like to improve them with my exercise plan To help me improve this very important skills I have chosen to take part in six weeks long exercise, and in those weeks, I will be improving the specific fitness levels required for netball In netball, the fitness that can be improved is speed. Speed in netball is the ability to move around in the court in the quickest possible time. Aim My aim for this exercise plan is to improve my level of playing netball such as centre player, and defender, and become more successful by improving my current standard. Pre-tests Before carrying out my circuit, I will be doing a pre-test that are appropriate to the aspects of a netball player. My aim for this is to improve my level of fitness. I will carry out the pre tests so that at the end of the personal exercise plan I can see how fit I was before and after carrying out the circuit. I have tested myself for stamina, strength, agility, and flexibility. Also at the end of the personal exercise plan, I will do the same tests to show how much I have improved. The following table shows the resting heart rate and the recovery time for all the pre-tests, I took. ...read more.


My weight will down, and my knees slightly bent, and the opposite foot will be forward. My shoulder will have to be open and providing speed with my arms and my body. I will then release non-throwing hand, and will extend my arm to help guide thro. These will include propel with wrist, direct with fingers and eyes on target. To follow through, I will follow the ball with throwing hand, move back foot through, and transfer weight forward One of the other stations I will be doing is star-jumps. From squatted down position, I will jump up taking my hands and legs out to the side. On the landing, I will make sure both feet together, lowering down back into the squat position, remembering not to allow your knees to pass over your toes. Jumping side to side This is when you jump side to side on a line, as many times as I can in 45 seconds. This improves my agility, and improving my agility will mean that my netball performance will improve. Jumping side to side has a side affect on my whole body, mostly on my lower body muscle groups, such as hamstring. My first circuit training will start with 45 seconds, then I will increase 5 seconds for the next circuit training, and 5 more seconds for the after that, and so on, for up to six circuits training. In each circuit, training will have eight stations. All these exercises will take place on Thursdays and Saturdays. I will do two circuits training each week. One circuit training will be completed by Thursdays, and the other on Saturdays, in addition, each time I will increase the time so my fitness level can increase. Training session one: The aim for me is to do this circuit training successfully, because today is my first training session, I will take it easy, because I want to improve my level of fitness gradually. ...read more.


I also thought that I improve my level of fitness over all and I improve my skills in netball, because as my results table show that I have improved fitness level, also if you compare my pre-test to my post-test, you will see the difference. For example, did 23 press-ups in one minute during my pre-test; however, I did 31 press-ups in one minute during my post-test. This proves that my strength have in increased, especially in my arm. In addition, my recovery rates have decreased dramatically. My next target is to join the year netball team. I also notice that I can last in a game much longer and I am lot faster then before. In the court, I also feel more confident now I can play with my opponent in fair, and I like to take the lead in games. For each session, I record my heartbeat, and below there is the graph. The first session my heart beat was 70 and it increased each sessions up to session four where it start to decrease, and then it increase again. I think this happened because session four, I was not concentrate probably and was not wearing correct PE kit, This limited my movement and therefore causes my circuit training to be slower then the rest of my other circuit training. In the first training session, I worked very hard and did not pace my self at all, causing me to feel muscle pain and sore after the session. However, my next session was different, because I had an experience so I paced myself and knew when to slow down and when to work faster In addition, my circuit was safe because I did not injure myself during the training sessions and I used the equipment safely. I learn many things from the training like how important it is warm-up before a game and cool down after a game, because I did not use to pay much attention before. Hawa Mohamed 9394 11x2 1 Ms J Spread bury personal exercise plan Fitness improvement for netball ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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