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Personal Exercise Programme.

Extracts from this document...


Personal Exercise Programme. Introduction. Name: Philip Stocker. Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 6'2'' Weight: 12st 7llbs Health problems/injuries: None. Activities undertaken: Water Polo. I am currently playing for the Great Britain junior team - this involves travelling around the world and playing against teams such as Malta, Czech Republic, Belgium and Portugal etc. The team have entered the European Championships. Facilities available: Limited equipment at home- medicine ball, weights (dumbbells, weight bar) Latex exercise band, Park and school field. Fitness Test Results (8th November 2000) Test Result Sit and Reach 10cm Vertical jump 52cm Balance Test 22secs Pull ups 6 Sit ups 29 30m sprint 4.1secs MSF test 9.2 Skin fold callipers 5% body fat Juggling 0.0secs Reaction Time 17secs Some of these tests were not very relevant for my sport and I. The MSF test did test my cardiovascular fitness but not very well. This is because it is a running test. Water polo is played in the water so it was not very specific. Again the 30m sprint only tested my running speed and not my speed in the water. Other tests such as with the sit and reach, sit-ups and pull ups were of most relevance to me because sit ups and pull ups tested my muscular endurance. The sit and reach test tested my bodies flexibility. The vertical jump was relevant because it tested the power of my leg muscles and powerful legs are needed in playing water polo. Analysis of Water Polo Water polo has been said to be one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The main difference between water polo and other team sports is the pitch, it is played in water. This firstly gives a player a resistance to overcome to move and also passed to keep afloat by treading water. So this means that in a game there is no time for a real rest. ...read more.


The adrenal glands release surplus quantities of adrenaline. This forces your fat cells to push increased amount of fat into the blood. The fact can be quickly captured and metabolised at a high a rate by the muscles. Activity magnifies this burning of fat. Winter exercise not only reduces fat stores it also helps get rid of probably the most dangerous fat- the fat inside your body cavities, that is clinging to your internal organs. So taking this into account I need to make sure after the session I eat well and put the fat stores back because I do not want to be losing a lot of weight. I also have to be careful because I can get really cold. Not just from the cold air but from the combination of the cold air and sweat. As my clothes get saturated with moisture from for sweating process. Water is an awful insulator; it conducts heat away from the body about 25 times faster than air. This is especially dangerous if fatigue or injury produces a downfall in the exercise intensity because the body then starts to cool down, as it is not working. So I need to make sure I have other clothing available to put on when I get cold or my clothes get saturated with sweat. I found with the extra skipping that I was doing made my heart rate always stay high. This is what I want because it will really help my cardiovascular endurance. Considerations for next session There is a very little I'm going to change because I think that everything I did was quite hard. The intensity of the exercise is good and hopefully my overall fitness will improve a lot. I do not want to overload the intensity because that would just lead to injury. Until I noticed some increases I will not change the intensity any of the exercises. ...read more.


This was because I thought about what was easy and what needed to be adjusted. Also I have found that after my normal training and matches I have begun to evaluate my performance mentally. This has helped a great deal because I learn from each match and training session. I remember what I have learned and put into practise next time I play. I think I have made large improvements because of the way I feel during a tough game of water polo. I am able to work harder for longer periods of time due to the improvement I have made. With training hypertrophy occurs in the heart making it stronger and larger. This means my stroke volume has increased and my resting heart rate will have decreased. As I have said I feel an improvements in my leg power as I can keep my upper body out of the water for longer, which has improved my passing and shooting. So overall the PEP has improved my performance in water polo. I think that there are certain things that I would change because of my increased knowledge about training now. Also I have now had some experience with planning and doing my training. Normally my coach tells me exactly what and how to do my training. This was the first time I told myself what and how to do everything. I would change the times that I did some sessions because some of them were too near to a game and I did not perform as well as I should have done. Also I would change some of the conditions of the sessions. I mean that I would probably do my sessions inside because it would have been warmer. Now I would now about dehydration and injury prevention. So I would be aware of such things and know what to do before I suffer because of them. AS Level P.E. January 2001 Personal Exercise Programme Philip Stocker Candidate number: 5106 Centre Number: 26220 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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