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Should boxing be banned?

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BOXING Should boxing be banned? In this essay, I am going to discuss the sport of boxing and try to decide whether boxing should be banned or not. Boxing is a sport where two people get in to a square ring and hit each other and the first one to be knocked out loses. The risk these young men take are out of this world and they do this for things like money, fame and respect. If they are one of the unlucky ones and lose their life in a fight it is their family who have to pay with the pain and misery of losing a loved one, like a father or a son. However some of the men are very lucky, they fight millions of fights, live to a good old age and become legends like Muhammad Ali the greatest fighter of all time! ...read more.


The most common injuries are cuts and bruises which leads to stitches and dental work being required. Body blows can lead to internal bleeding and broken ribs, but the most serious risk comes from the possibility of either catastrophic or gradual brain damage. In addition, those against the sport argue that professional boxing has been banned in Norway since 1981, and in Sweden since 1970. So if a ban on the sport can work in other countries, it can certainly work here. On the other hand those who support the sport of boxing contend that no one forces boxers in to the ring. For many of these young men boxing is their life and they know the risks involved and they accept that, before stepping into the ring. ...read more.


You do not see anybody trying to ban them so why try and ban boxing and not any of the other sports that I have mentioned. In conclusion at the beginning I suppose I would have said that the sport should be banned. There are documented cases, which I have mentioned, where boxers have sustained terrible injuries or even death. However after researching this topic, I have come to the conclusion that banning the sport would be no in one's best interests. Fanatical boxers would still find a way to fight even if it was made illegal. Also there are many other sports which have a high rate of injury and even death, but you do not constantly hear calls for them to be banned. Boxing is at present is as safe as it can be. Medical cover is required for every body and there is ringside medical assistance ready at all times in case of emergency. Therefore I think it should not be banned. ...read more.

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