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Capital Punishment.

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Capital Punishment Crime is an unsociable act against the laws of society that offends everything it upholds. This can range from shoplifting an item from a shop to something as extreme as murder. All crimes are divided into two groups against: Property i.e. theft and vandalism People i.e. rape, assault and murder There are many reasons to why people commit crimes, it could be that they are very poor and need to commit crimes to survive or it may be that they don't understand the difference between right and wrong because they are mentally ill. In this day and age the most related reason to crime is drugs. Addicts need more and more drugs to keep their cravings down and to keep them going. To keep the addicts going they have to buy more and more drugs. If they have no money of their own to buy the drugs the only option they have open is to steal and commit fraud. Peer Pressure is also another reason for crime. There are mobs that think its funny and tough to beat people up, others put graffiti on public property. ...read more.


Most would want the death penalty to be carried out. As our society doesn't allow such punishment, they cannot get their revenge on the criminal and therefore the crime is passed without justification. Terrorist activities is one of the many crimes that is felt should be punished by death. Over the past 50 years terrorism has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people needlessly. People who carry out terrorist attacks do this to put their point across on a number of things usually political and know if they do such a terrible act they will have their point heard. These people don't use diplomatic methods as a rule. It would, however, be much easier and safer for whole communities if they did use diplomatic methods. Taking the given into account many people believe that terrorist should be barred from all cultures and to carry this out would be the death penalty. People for capital punishment to be brought back think the law should be based on the old saying "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." This basically means if you do something immoral, it should be done back to you i.e. ...read more.


Some people believe it would be deterrence in our society today. But then the people against capital punishment would say there isn't any proof at all to back this claim. Others say reformation is the way forward and that instead of eradicating them from society they should be reformed and reintroduced into it. People saying that there isn't any assurance that it works, of course, can challenge reformation. Some of these criminals could be mentally ill and not be helped straight away as it would take longer and more money to help them. I personally think that capital punishment should be brought back into our society but not used callously against any criminal. I believe that death should only be used only in cases that are to the extreme and when society is in danger from these criminals. I also think that if capital punishment is brought back then life imprisonment should mean life imprisonment. This sentence should be carried out more often than capital punishment, so that protection, reformation, and retribution can be carried out. Deterrence doesn't work as I have said before. This is my point of view on things and I am for capital punishment to be reintroduced into our society as an extreme sentence. Simon Harrison ...read more.

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