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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Should it be brought back in or not? I personally believe it should. However if it was brought back in, I do believe that it should be used with extreme care. Only the worst of the worst should be sentenced to death because the death sentence is an extremely serious and dangerous punishment; there are no half measures, it's final. If someone is dead that - that's it - gone - forever - never to be seen again. Life is so precious. You don't mess with yours or anyone else's. Some people don't realise how precious it is, so many people don't deserve it and yet they always have it but don't really care, they don't respect theirs or anyone else's. If only you could take it and give it and it to someone else who does deserve it, would use it sensibly and make good use of it. In the last year I have lost two friends both of whom went to school with me. Life was taken from them for no reason. Two young fellows both very talented, smart, nice guys. Neither of whom lived to receive their A level results. The thought that some people leave school early and become wasters makes me angry. ...read more.


We aren't judging! He has pleaded guilty to murdering the two girls so we aren't judging. It's a fact. Secondly, I think we have more of a right to take his life than he has a right to live, to waste our money, to have the thought of happiness some day in the far future. A very wise man called "Hugo Adam Bedau" once said that * Capital punishment is cruel and unusual. Is it? Is this reason for banning it? * Capital punishment fails to respect human life, in much the same way that murder does. Mum says if you leave him in jail he will be depressed and will have to live with his conscience. I don't think he has a conscience. A few days after he killed the girls he was talking to the parents and on the T.V. about how awful he thought it was. Clearly, he is a cunning and deceitful character. Can you honestly sit there and say he should be allowed to live He doesn't deserve the time of day. He doesn't deserve to live. He doesn't deserve anything apart from a long painful death. The thought of him living, wasting our money and possibly walking free some day, it makes me sick. ...read more.


In 2003, 27 years after abolition, the murder rate was 1.73 per 100,000 population, 44 per cent lower than in 1975 and the lowest rate in three decades." In the year 1993 alone, over 18,000 people were arrested for murder in the United States. Yet, in the past twenty years, there have been less than 300 executions. Today there are over 2,500 murderers on "death row", but less than fifty of them will be executed this year. That's between 15,000 and 20,000 murders per year with less than fifty executions! Of course the death penalty has no effect! The states that HAVE the death penalty do not use it enough to show anything! Less than fifty executions out of 18,000 murders isn't going to accomplish much! I bet 18,000 executions would deter some crime! Maybe we need TELEVISED executions every night at 8:00 p.m. on national television. Forget the movie of the week. Let's just have about 50,000,000 people sitting down every night and see some little children crying about their mother who was raped and murdered. Let's see some moms and dads mourning over their little girl who was molested and murdered by some wicked devil, and then let's see the waster get what he deserves. I bet that would deter some crime! I believe that "The punishment should be equal to the harm done." ?? ?? ?? ?? 3 Andrew Speares 11k ...read more.

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