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Choose two specific examples of problems faced by people in developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems

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Coursework - Religious Studies - Part 2 Choose two specific examples of problems faced by people in developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems In part two of my coursework I will explain how Christians can make a difference to poverty and I will refer to charities and solutions on how to help the people in less developed countries (LDC). I am going to explain how we can change debt and disease and how we can help others from this. With debt there is an easy solution of just cancelling it all so that the countries may have a chance of using the money they earn for food instead of working to get rid of debt and also with disease richer countries could donate ...read more.


Debt is another problem because all their money they work for goes to the pay up for the money they owe maybe because they have borrowed it from another country. Charities such as Jubilee 2000 call for ending of 3rd world debt. A Christian finds poverty and all of this wrong because we should all be treated equally and as the gospel teaches us how to treat people, we should do what it says. Christians should help others as it is our duty to treat all people the same and as in exodus it says we should "love thy neighbour" it is the greatest all equal commandment. What can Christians do to help others? ...read more.


Celebrities such as Bob Geldof are helping with this situation in 2005 he launched Live 8 to help prevent third world debt. Bob Geldof himself said "By doubling aid, fully canceling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children." Voluntary Christian organizations such as Christian aid and CAFOD are helping to improve the terrible situations that are in countries such as Sudan. The situations before Christian aid helped them were suffering from civil war, stil.They were fights over race, religion, culture, resources and government. In conclusion I think that debt and disease are two terrible problems which people are helping to overcome, as they are getting more help and have been recognized on how bad it actually is. ...read more.

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