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Comparing a Methodist and a Catholic Church

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R.E. Coursework Comparing a Methodist and a Catholic Church Methodist The Pulpit is where the bible is read from. It is in the centre of the front of the church. This shows us Methodists believe in the word of god and it is the most important part of their services. The liturgy is usually 30-40 minutes long where as, for a Catholic the most important part of their mass is Communion and there is only a short liturgy. Methodist preachers choose their readings they do not have set readings as in the Catholic church. They may choose their readings to help people who come to church in their everyday lives. They may also reflect on issues that may involve everybody. The recent news stories for example. This shows use that a Methodist service is more free and open than a Catholic Mass. Baptism, the same in a Catholic church, is very important to Methodists they believe Baptism is used to bring people into the family of god. Unlike Catholics they believe this is the only sacrament needed to become a member of gods family. This shows Methodists believe you must be baptised to become a member of God's family. This is because before Jesus began preaching he was baptised. It says this in the bible, which is the most important to Methodists because they see it as the word of God, as do Catholics. ...read more.


When the bread and wine has been consecrated God is present in the church. They see the Bread as the body of Christ and the wine as his blood. The wine is drank from a chalice which is stored in the most holy place in the church, behind the alter in the tabernacle. This shows use Catholics believe that Jesus' actions rather than his words are important. The lectern is where the bible is read from. It is not highly decorated because it is not highly centred. This is only centre of the mass when the liturgy is being read, for about 5-10 minutes while the sermon is being read. Unlike in a Methodist service, a Catholic Priest is unable to choose which readings they want to use. They have to use set readings from the missal following the liturgical year. This book is devised from stories and actions of Jesus during his three years of preaching. A Catholic church is highly decorated because Catholics believe God is always present in the church so they think the church should be made beautiful to reflect God's beauty. Around the outside of the church are the 'stations of the cross'. These are a number of pictures of Jesus' trail and crucifixion. Catholics use these pictures to help them pray because they show us what Jesus actually did for us so he must be worshiped and thanked. ...read more.


They believe when two or more people are gathered God is present they believe this because it says this in the bible. Some people think you can be a good Christian without going to church because you can be a good Christian by doing good deeds and helping others. They believe you do not have to pray as a group and receive Eucharist for God to listen to you. If you pray sincerely to God for forgiveness or to say sorry he will listen and act upon this request because he can see you faith is true even though you do not attend church. Others think to be a good Christian you have to attend church to be a good Christian because they think the only way you can fully pray and be on level with God you have to receive Eucharist and for him to forgive you, you have to receive the sacrament of reconciliation or god will not listen. I think you do not have to go to church to be a Christian. I think if you are a good person, consider others and be an all round good person without serous sin then you are a good Christian and you should be accepted into heaven even if you don't go to church. A person who goes to church maybe the worst and most evil person ever but a person who cannot get to church every week may be 100 times more kind than every person who goes to church in the world. Sarah Astin ...read more.

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