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Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of Miracles, giving examples from Lukes Gospel.

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Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of Miracles, giving examples from Luke's Gospel. In the Bible Jesus is shown to be God on earth, he does the work of God and performing miracles is part of that work. Luke believed that Jesus' miracles were important because he wrote about them in his gospel. There are four types of miracles that Luke wrote about. The four are; healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons and showing power over nature. When Jesus heals he shows Gods love reaching to those who are sick. When he raises people from the dead he is showing that nothing can stop God not even death. Jesus shows that the kingdom of God is stronger and more powerful than the devil's when he casts out demons from people, and when he shows his power over nature he is showing God can do marvellous and impossible things. God can take control of nature. Luke writes about these types of miracles to emphasize and show their importance and raising there profile Jesus healed many people including 'the woman who was bleeding' (Luke 8:42-48), this miracle shows that if you have faith then you can be healed. ...read more.


Christians today all though not anyone will be brought back to life but this passage can teach Christians to show faith and those closest to you can be helped by God because it was the father of the young girl who came to Jesus for help. Jesus helped those who were outcasts because they had been taken over by the devil, when Jesus casts out the devil like in 'The man with demons at Gadara' (Luke 8:27-35) it shows us that Gods love reaches out to everyone, including those who have been taken over by the devil. All though the man at Gadara has lost his faith because he has been taken over by the devil Jesus uses his strong faith to cure and cast out the demons in the man. At Jesus' time many people were outcasts because people believed they had been taken over by the devil. Outcasts were different from everyone else and no one wanted to know them. Jesus helped them and welcomed them, this was new for people and they would have been shocked the way he was acting. It also showed others of that time he had power over the devil because it knew he was the son of God. ...read more.


In these miracle stories it shows that Jesus as a miracle worker helped many especially those who were rejected by society such as; outcasts, woman, tax collectors and many others. Also it shows that God can overcome death and is able to control nature and he can pass this onto Jesus to be able to perform such miracles and make the impossible, possible. From Luke's Gospel it is clear that Jesus is presented as a worker of miracles because many of the miracles that Jesus performs are written about in Luke's Gospel. He writes about each type of miracle and how faith is able to determine a miracle. Faith plays a very strong part in all of Jesus' miracles and Luke writes about over 20 of them. Luke would not have written about so many of these miracles if he did not believe they were important in the ministry and life of Jesus. Jesus uses Gods power to save and heal on earth. This proves that he is God's son and therefore it is very important. I believe Jesus is a worker of miracles because so many stories and tales are known around the world about the things Jesus did and many of those stories that were passed on from generation to generation were the miracles of Jesus. ...read more.

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