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Does Suffering Make It Impossible to Believe in God?

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´╗┐Does Suffering Make It Impossible to Believe in God? Even though I go to church and have been brought up as a Catholic, I still find it pretty hard to believe in God because the type of people who suffer are the usually the innocent ones and if God did exist, there would be no suffering because the bible says that God loves us and forgives our sins. Another reason is natural disasters and other types of suffering would not happen. I agree with the following statements: ?Suffering is an inevitable part of the world? because it is going to happen no matter what. ?God cannot exist ? no God would allow such suffering.? because God is meant to protect us and love us, suffering is not loving nor protecting. ?It would be a better world if no one suffered in the first place.? because there would be no guilt, regret or revenge. ...read more.


I disagree with the following statements: ?Good can come out of suffering.? because no good can come out of people being upset and hurt, just pain and sorrow. ?God knows everything about suffering.? If God knew everything about suffering, he wouldn't put us through it. ?Suffering is meant as a test of faith.? That's just what people say when they're too scared to say they don't believe in God. ?God set natural laws in motion and does not interfere.? Laws would not make anyone suffer, just keep order. And with the amount of suffering going on, there is no order. If someone dies in your family or a close friend it's hard to stop the emotional suffering which occurs. There are a few ways in which you can do this. One way is to put them completely out of your mind. ...read more.


I found the Buddhist way of explaining suffering was very helpful because it says there is no God to blame for suffering, it is all because of the humans. This is exactly what I believe in. If there was a God, he would stop and prevent suffering but suffering still happens so he can't exist. If there is nobody else, it must be the humans who cause it all. Therefore I believe suffering is caused by humans and God does nothing to stop it if he does exist. And the best way for people to overcome suffering is to put it out of their mind as much as they can and think of all the good times that they have had and try not to think of the positives, not the negatives. They must try and move on and live in the present and look forward to what is going to come, not what has already been. ...read more.

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