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Explain the different ways Christians might respond to a case of a woman who was faced with an unwanted pregnancy

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Explain the different ways Christians might respond to a case of a woman who was faced with an unwanted pregnancy As Christians we are all expected to model ourselves on the image of Jesus Christ. As we learn in the Bible Jesus, was caring, supportive, understanding, compassionate, non-judgemental and loving to all people. So as Christians we should all aim to express these feelings to people including a woman who finds herself faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Although we are all expected to express these moral values, we do not as every person has a different view on the people and the world around them. Also, as outlined in part one the different denominations of the Christian community have various responses to the subject of abortion, so different Christians will respond in different ways, either with the view of a pro- or anti-abortionist. ...read more.


The pro-abortionist would argue that is unfair for the parents to be 'weighed down' with the 'burden' of a disabled child. They would also argue that is not fair on the child to grow up being on the receiving end of discrimination, or with a poor quality of life. Another reason for a mother being faced with an unwanted pregnancy is if the mother is a teenager, in this case the mother may feel that she is unable to cope emotionally, physically or financially with a child. Unfortunately this is a growing phenomenon in today's culture, from an anti-abortionist's point of view fostering and abortion would be seen as an option. There should also be support from family and friends for the mother and the organisation Cure also offers a helping hand. The fact is that once a child is born feelings toward the child can change and it can grow up into a fantastic and loving family atmosphere. ...read more.


These are only a handful of reasons for an unwanted pregnancy in today's world others include: rape or incest; a woman with a career or an older woman. All this cases have to be judged on their own merits, yet it remains the view of the Catholic Church that abortions should never take place. As mentioned before all Christians views vary, but a thought to reflect on is: "If you do make a mistake don't destroy the life... because also to that child God says, 'I have called you by your name, I have carved you in the palm of my hand: you are mine'." Mother Teresa One fact that we have to remember is that we human beings do not have the authority to choose one life over another, to choose if a person should get the right to experience life on earth, or when it is time for a life to end. Only God has this power. ...read more.

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