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Explain Why There Is a Need For World Development

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Explain why there is a need for world development The world today has over 6 billion people. Nearly 3 billion, which is half of the world's population, are considered poor. There are two types of countries. There are the developed countries (MEDC) like USA or the U.K. Then there are the less developed countries (LEDC) examples of these are Zimbabwe and India, Uganda, Somalia and Bangladesh. World development is the expansion in education, the environment and health services. Development is a way of measuring how rich or poor a country is. The reason why we need world development is because if the world isn't improving in any way there will be no progress therefore there will be no results. ...read more.


An area which suffers from this is Bangladesh; an area that had heavy floods in 1998. The terrible floods shattered the lives of 30 million people. A very recent example of a natural disaster is the Asian Tsunami, this was caused be an underwater disturbance. This affected 14 less developed countries such as India and Bangladesh, and has killed 295,608 people. It destroyed homes, businesses, families and left many without parents and homeless. Each year, nearly 8 million people around the world loose their lives because they are too poor to stay alive. The United Nations have stated that an end to extreme poverty can be achieved. If it can be achieved why it is still named the impossible? ...read more.


Their aim is demolish poverty and suffering wherever and whenever it occurs. Islamic relief benefits an estimated 25 million people each year. Also another organisation which is Muslim Aid, it began in 1985. In 1998, Muslim Aid spent at least �200,000 to orphan care programmes in ten countries. All charities and relief organisations make a difference and are always helping to change people's lives for the better. Overall I can conclude by saying there are many solutions to poverty, such as if everyone gives money to charity this will draw the gap closer between the rich and the poor. The poor should not get poorer and the rich get richer. There is a need for world development as there a many passages which are closed therefore we must make them clear. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nigel Sibanda ...read more.

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