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Fertility treatment - the Roman Catholic View.

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´╗┐Dear Jo and Jeremy, I am writing this letter regarding your queries on your current situation. I understand that you have been attempting for a child for six years now, but to only discover Jeremy?s low sperm count ? decreasing the chance if a baby. As a solution IVF treatment is accessible for your needs, however it may cause problems among your faith as a Roman Catholic; which will be discussed further throughput this letter. ...read more.


Fortunately, any of Jo?s eggs can be frozen for future attempts if you are unsuccessful in your first treatments ? none of these frozen will be embryo?s therefore you are not freezing a life, accepting the Roman Catholic view. But more than one embryo is inserted into Jo therefore there is a chance that not all of them will develop into fetus? and could be interpreted as ?killing?. Also, the two of you (Jo and Jeremy) ...read more.


As said by Pope Puis XII using a donor is ?mechanical adultery? therefore it is frowned upon in the church and alike surrogacy it is not allowed. In my opinion, I personally believe you should have the fertility treatment to attempt to start your family. As discussed above there are many more positives to negatives regarding your beliefs and them linking to your situation, so if you avoid the use of a donor and fertilise as few eggs as needed you?re showing that you respect the Roman Catholic Church. I hope I have been of any assistance and do not hesitate to contact us again at fertility.help@mail.com. Yours Sincerely, Amy Holland ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Abortion and other medical issues section.

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