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Hinduism VS. Buddhism

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´╗┐Megan Webster 01/10/11 Updike Global Studies Hinduism vs. Buddhism Religion is one of the most controversial subjects. Throughout the ages people have fought and died for it. But what are they fighting about? Their differences? Well of course they have those, but the one thing that is sometimes over looked is that their similarities outweigh their differences. An example of these different yet so similar religions is Buddhism and Hinduism. The concepts and morals of the religions parallel each other, but the details are unbalanced. To better understand their beliefs, we must know their histories. Hinduism is the world's oldest religion, and one of its more mysterious ones. For many hundreds of years there has been a search for who founded Hinduism and when it even came into place. ...read more.


Guatama as a boy lived an extravagant life. It was only when he bored of the indulgences of a rich life. He proceeded searching the world for understanding. That is when he then encountered an old man, a corpse, and an ill man, convincing him that suffering lay at the end of all existence. From there, he became a monk and deprived himself of all worldly possessions in hope of comprehending the world around him. One day while meditating under a tree, he had an epiphany of how to be free from suffering. From that point on he would be known as the Buddha or "enlighted one". Now all of this was somewhere between 566 to 480 B.C., the Buddha's lifetime. ...read more.


They differ on their beliefs of a God. Hindus believe in 300,000 gods while the original Buddhist had no god. They both have castes systems, but the Buddhists do not use theirs. Buddhists do not believe in stages of life, opposed to Hindus who do. Hindus believe there are four stages of life, student life, family life, the age when a person leaves all worldly desires behind, and finally the age when a person meditates and waits for the ultimate truth, death. As you can see that although they are different, they are also very similar. They aren't the only religions that are similar either. If every religion was tolerant of the other we would live in a better world. This doesn't only apply to religions but people too. So instead of looking at how we differ from one another, we should see how we are similar. ...read more.

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