Buddhism is a religion that offers a new perspective on life. Many view Buddhism as more than a religion, but a great Asian philosophy.

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Buddhism is a religion that offers a new perspective on life. Many view Buddhism as more than a religion, but a great Asian philosophy. This view explains the ‘way of life’ that people should live. Buddha, the awakened one, is viewed as a person who teaches others to lead a moral life, to be mindful, aware of thoughts and actions and develop wisdom and understanding. Buddha was not a god or an idol, he was an extraordinary man, on a quest to end suffering in the world. Buddha seeks enlightenment and wants to share his knowledge with everyone.

Siddharta Gautama was a Hindu prince born in the 6th century BCE in India. Suddhodana was a king in a small principality in the town of Kapilacastu. His mother was Queen Maya, who died soon after he was born. When Siddharta was born, it was said that he was born from his mother’s side, symbolizing a virgin birth, and he was able to walk and lotus floors bloomed under his feet. His first words were that "I am chief of the world, Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world. This is the last birth. There is now no more coming to be."  (Buddha Net)

        At a name ceremony held in the honour of Siddharta, an old hermit appeared and said that it is either Siddharta will be a great king or a holy man. Siddhartha’s father was so afraid that his son would not continue his legacy that he barred him from leaving the palace, providing him with all the luxuries he needed. At only sixteen Siddharta was married to Yasodhara who bore him a son, Rahula.

        The king finally said that Siddharta should go into the city to see his people, but before Siddharta left the palace, the King made everything beautiful. Through the corner of his eye, Gautama saw an old man. This was the first time he has seen a person so old and suffering from pain. He was shocked at his arched back and how the man limped because he had never seen anything of this sort in the palace. The sight of the old man disturbed Siddharta very much. When he returned to the palace, he asked his father to let him go to the city without it being dressed up. The king eventually agreed. Siddharta could never prepare himself for what he was going to see. He has seen a person in agony because he was sick, a lifeless body on the banks of the river, and a glimmer of hope appeared when he saw a monk. He insisted to become like the monk to end suffering.

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        Siddharta made a difficult judgement and decided to leave his home in search to end all this torment people face. Siddharta meditated for six years searching for the answer with his first disciples. He meditated systematically to reach enlightenment trying to detach his mind from earthly bonds. First, he sat in the lotus position having his spine erect and legs crossed. Then he continued to breathe inhaling through one nostril and exhaling through the next. He focuses his mind to go to a higher stage.  Meditation was the vehicle to take him to nirvana, the absolute and eternal. The state ...

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