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In marriage, a few marriage vows are taken these vows are there to guide and help a marriage work out.

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Marriage coursework In marriage, a few marriage vows are taken these vows are there to guide and help a marriage work out. These are not the only reasons that should be followed but there are many reasons that could change a Christian marriage and there are different situations in marriage that are dealt in different ways. To go more into the guide of marriage and about different marriage situations. There are different vows so now these vows will be looked at. I will start by looking at the vow 'for better for worse'. This is a vow from the roman catholic church which literally means what ever comes during marriage good or bad they should work through them as a couple. Now in marriages there is a lot of jealousy that can cause trouble between the couples for example if man marries a woman and she is unqualified and he is then later in the marriage the woman gets better qualified. ...read more.


If the couples follow this vow then they would work through it as a couple. This is another vow, which is done after the homily the priest will ask 'will you accept children lovingly from god'. If you agree and confirm 'yes' then during marriage you should be willing to have children. If the answer is 'no' that, you do not want children then the consequences are that your marriage will not be valid. There is a big responsibility of having children as you are passing the word of god on. To do this you would need to have children then you would be able to teach gods teachings by taking them too church. You would also have to as a parent live in the way of Jesus as you would influence your child life. The main problem is money matters but this can be dealt with now by benefits and other resource. ...read more.


Some good Christians would stay with their partner and follow the vow and not give up on their partner I would say this makes a couple have a much stronger relationship. If you decide not to stay with your partner then I would say that you are wrong, you should really stay with your partner, and you are making a mistake you should not leave your partner but you should support them even more as they will need it. The vows that are taken during a Roman Catholic marriage are the basic guide to a strong and good marriage they also determine the way a Christian couple should live during marriage. People that get married are all different from each other and they do not react in the same way and they all have they own views. Some couples are very different and they believe in what they think is right to do during marriage. Adeil Iqbal ...read more.

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