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Islamic Studies Mosques

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3. What Is The Role Of A Sunni Imam In The Mosque An imam is the leader of the mosque who is in charge of it; he generally looks after the mosque. The imam is exceedingly respected; he is supposed to have immense knowledge. He is usually selected by committee of a mosque as they look for someone who is straight, caring and has a good understanding on Islam. ...read more.


Also the imam fulfils the uses of the Mosque, reflects the uses. The imam should be aware of worldly issues and should comprehend the language in which people around him fluently speak, and also be familiar with the culture and customs of the individuals he is dealing with. Imams have numerous roles they lead the five prayers and the (Friday prayer, funeral prayer, tarawih and eid prayers).An imam in a house could be anyone, but it has to be a male to lead the prayer in jamaat. ...read more.


He also visits the sick to make prayers, and he reads the adhaan in the ears of a new born child. One of his main functions as an imam is to preach, he brings people to Islam so he converts non Muslims, and for that reason he also goes to visit prisons to give guidance and support. In link it is consequently very essential to have an imam to represent a Muslim community, because it is expedient for them to be on familiar terms with who to turn to in aid or guidance. Falaq Hussain GCSE Islamic Studies Mrs Khan ...read more.

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