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Miracles.Jesus was presented as a miracle worker in many ways; he performed healing miracles (LK 18:35-43) Jesus healed a blind beggar, Jesus said to the beggar your faith has healed you

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Miracles a.1) Christians believe that a miracle is an event that apparently transcends human power and the laws of nature. That is attributed to a special divine intervention or to supernatural forces. However there is room for argument. some choose to believe that a babies first smile is a miracle, this of course dose not transcend human powers or the laws of nature, also some people think that all miracles are legends. Or stories but this does not come into the Christian faith. a.2) Jesus was presented as a miracle worker in many ways; he performed healing miracles (LK 18:35-43) Jesus healed a blind beggar, Jesus said to the beggar "your faith has healed you" this quote is teaching of devotion to God, the beggar devoted his life to God and truly believed that he would be healed, another example of Christians being healed by there faith is (LK5:17-26) Jesus healed a paralytic, some men lowered the paralytic man from the roof in front of Jesus, Jesus saw their faith and said "friends, your sins are forgiven." Then he told the paralytic to get and walk and the paralytic did so. This teaching shows that Jesus had the authority to forgive sins and had the power to perform remarkable things. ...read more.


The miracles Jesus performed in (LK4:38-40) where he healed many of their sicknesses, shows that his love was so strong he was willing to put his own life in danger to help others, he may have caught a life threatening illness from someone healed. These kind of events still happen today with people like mother Teresa, she was a Christian who took care of ill people and risked her own life in the process. With her strong Christian faith and infinite love for those around her, she would unquestionably help an ill person to their feet and take care of them. Although physical and mental healing takes place today, It is not always in the same way as in Jesus' day. Today people are most likely to be physically healed by medicine and mentally healed by councillors and psychologists. Although there are stories of people whose faith has healed them today, Jesus said many times "your faith has healed you", this phrase goes for what happened to a girl called Amanda Manifold. Amanda was born into a spirit filled family, in 1968 when she was 8 years old she her self received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in tongue and was baptised by full immersion. That same year she became very ill, and was diagnosed as having a rare and sinister form of leukaemia (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia) ...read more.


"Do healing miracles happen today?" this statement can be seen in two different lights, in one light (the dark one) it is seen that healing miracles do not happen today, only a very limited amount of so-called healers will admit that they do not have any powers the apostles had. They do not dare attempt even the healing miracles that the apostles did. Jesus said "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give". Theses present day supposed healers will attempt only certain cases and will reject anyone who has anything seriously wrong with them. But in the other light (the bright one) there is a man called David Hathaway, who is a healer who has tremendous powers to heal, on the 13th march 1999 he healed a man called Peter who was blinded by a fishing rod. David loves to see young people like this healed, when doctors can do nothing. However, seeing Peter's lack in faith, David made him sit down and watch with his one good eye others being healed, David wanted Peters faith to be lifted by what he saw. When Peters turn came David took authority of Jesus' name and immediately Peter began to see colour, it became clearer and clearer until God gad completed a miracle. Overall I believe that miracles do happen. ...read more.

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