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My understanding of the meaning of 'Here' by R.S. Thomas.

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Romi Verstappen My understanding of the meaning of 'Here' by R.S. Thomas. After reading this poem through a few times, I can clearly see that there are many different interpretations that people can make. Some may come to a conclusion that the poem is about Jesus and his crucifixion, and others may believe it is about war or even from the viewpoint of an unborn child. However, I believe that all of these meanings are true in some parts of the poem, as for me, no one meaning fits perfectly as there are always some lines which do not fit under that specific meaning. The very first line, 'I am a man now' stands out as ever word is a stressed syllable and is monosyllabic. This technique signals to the reader that there is a deeper meaning. This line could be referred to 'Jesus' as well as 'war'. It could be referred to Jesus in the sense that Jesus was brought to Earth as God but in the form of man. ...read more.


It is the symbol of Mother Nature and the giver of life to all humans through oxygen. It could also symbolize a family tree and 'the footprints that led up to me' are the child's family members of the past. This stanza could equally fit into the idea of Jesus. 'I am like a tree' in this case symbolizes Jesus hanging up on the cross with his arms outstretched. The 'footprints' are Jesus looking back upon all the things that have happened which have led up to that moment. The 3rd stanza can be explained with the interpretations of Jesus and the unborn child. 'There is blood in my veins that has run clear of the stain', these lines imply that the narrator has no original sin and is therefore entirely pure. In Christian teaching, the only person without sin was Jesus Christ. 'Run clear of the stain', implies that there is a lot of sin in our world and we know that Jesus came to Earth to forgive us for our sins. ...read more.


(Matthew 27.46). 'I have nowhere to go', represents mankind being isolated or alienated. This stanza contains the words, 'clock' and 'satellites' which are both manmade things which implies that this stanza is about mankind. In the last two lines there is use of assonance with three words beginning with h, 'heart', 'here' and 'hurt'. These three words are linked as the three key concepts which bring the narrator to his fate, like Jesus who was persecuted for beliefs. He was forced to stay on the cross and simply wait for his death. I believe that the poem seems to fit under the interpretation of Jesus better than the others. When I first read the poem, the crucifixion of Jesus is what immediately sprung into my mind. R.S Thomas was a vicar all of his life and therefore religion would have been something he thought about a great deal. It shows that even Jesus questions his beliefs and therefore I think that the whole message of the poem is that all people are under the strain of suffering which leads them to question their beliefs. ...read more.

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