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Philosophy Coursework

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Philosophy Coursework AO1: Describe the design and contents of a Christian Building. Churches come in many different sizes and forms. Parish churches are usually located in a village or a town near to a Christian community (a parish) where Christians can go to worship on Sunday or attend weddings, funerals christenings etc... A cathedral is much grander than a church and contains the seat of the bishop. Cathedrals are only located in cities and ceremonies held in cathedrals are usually more significant than those held in a parish church. A chapel is simply a place of Christian worship. It is usually much smaller than a church or cathedral but can be attached to a cathedral, large church or even a hospital or prison for private worship. A basilica exists only in the Roman Catholic denomination. It is a large and important church central to the catholic faith and has certain ceremonial rites from the pope. It is much rarer than any other church and only located in a few countries around the world where Roman Catholicism is at its strongest. Because the church is at the centre of Christian worship it is important that the architecture aids Christians in their worship. Different denominations of Christianity use different variations of architecture appropriate to their faith. Roman Catholic churches are often very elaborate because they are deemed to be the most important part of a community. The elaborate design also represents God's reign over earth and the complexity of his creations. ...read more.


All Christian services share some similar characteristics listed below: Prayer Prayer is a way in which Christians believe they can communicate and develop their relationship with God. The minister may simply read aloud a prayer and the congregation will confirm their agreement by saying "amen" together, they may prayer together or in some free churches members of the congregation are invited to prayer aloud. Sometimes there is also silent prayer which allows people to communicate with God privately and reflect upon in a more personal way. Jesus taught his followers how to prayer using the lords prayer. The Lord's Prayer is usually read aloud by everyone in the church. It contains confession, adoration, supplication and concern for others. The Eucharist The Eucharist is the remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice. At the last supper Jesus commanded his disciples to eat the bread and wine as they represented his body and his blood. In a church service, bread and wine is shared out amongst the congregation to remember this. However there are different interpretations of the Eucharist and what it represents: * In the Roman Catholic faith the Eucharist is known as mass. They believe in transubstantiation; the bread and wine literally transforms into the body and blood of Christ and every mass is a re-enactment of his sacrifice. * In the Church of England and other protestant denominations the Eucharist (or Holy Communion), the bread and wine are merely symbolic of Christ's sacrifice. ...read more.


It is also impossible to impose one form of worship for example the reformation of England where the monarchy made Catholicism illegal; Catholics had to practice in secret but catholic priests and followers were burned at the stake etc... On the other hand there is only one God in the Christian faith so it doesn't make sense why there are so many ways to worship him. Only one style of worship would create a lot less disagreements and stop cults from starting. One style of worship creates a sense of unity between all Christians, making their faith stronger and knowing they are not alone in their opinions. One style of worship also protects the faith from heretical ideas and practices which may develop into cults claiming to have a Christian cause but are actually contrary to Christian morals and beliefs. Some people also prefer tradition to a variation in worship; however one could argue that if a person prefers tradition then so be it as other people can worship in their own way. Christians view God as a personal being so it makes sense for them to worship him in a more personal way. Christians should be able to choose how they worship and which denomination of the faith they want to follow and how they worship. Worshiping one set way would be very impersonal for Christians and would maybe make them feel that they are no longer a part of the Christian faith because they do not agree with what is being preached to them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick Hudson ...read more.

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