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RE Coursework AO1, 2, 3Abortion and Euthanasia

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RE Coursework AO1, 2, 3 Abortion and Euthanasia AO1 Abortion is an operation carried out to remove the growing foetus from its Mothers womb so that it can be destroyed. In the UK abortion has been legal since 1967, when it was passed in parliament. The act says abortion is acceptable if the pregnancy is no longer than 24 weeks. The pregnancy involves the risks to the mental or physical health of the pregnant women or any existing children of the family. There are many points against abortion, these are: The unborn child is a separate human being. It is never just part of a Mothers body. By letting women have abortions, society is taking the easy way out. We should create a society were no child is unwanted. A foetus has a right not to be killed. People with the most serious handicaps can still lead a happy life. A foetus is a potential human being; one day it could be a person. Human life is sacred, this means life is precious and that no one has the right to take life away only God. The Christian church teaches life is a sacred gift. The Roman Catholic Church states that life starts from contraception and should be valued the same as a living breathing being. ...read more.


Though each involves a choice made by either the person themselves or a relative in the case of euthanasia or the parent in the case of abortion. Though these decisions may have to be made, most Christian agree that abortion is morally wrong. The Roman Catholic teachings on abortion is that the church says that abortion should not be allowed under any circumstances, because even while still very tiny and still hardly developed the baby growing in the womb is the beginning of a human life, And another human being should not end any life created by God at any stage of its development. All life is precious as the psalmist says 'you created every part of me, you put me together in my Mothers womb... When I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there, you saw me before I was born. Mother Theresa also sums up the Catholic attitude to abortion, she states that God had created us to love and be loved, she said, in his own image, as evidence of his love.' For this reason I say abortion is the greatest evil. If anyone of you does not want his own child, do not kill it, give it to me' Mother Theresa perhaps the perfect Christian would take in any child as she believes that none is unwanted. ...read more.


AO3 Christians have many views that may seem a little extreme to a non-Christian in today's modern society as most of them do stem from the teachings of the bible. The teachings of God were relevant a thousand or even one hundred years ago but they seem to be having trouble adapting in today's more accepting world. There are different types of Christian perhaps the most extreme being the Literalists who believe in the exact literal interpretation of Gods word. Though this is not for them to enforce upon others, it is indeed their choice to see the world like this but not their right to make other people live this way. Everybody holds their own beliefs on all moral issues and they will act o their best judgement depending upon what these are. Many of today's modern churches such as The Orthodox Church and The Quakers that have a more relaxed view on practicing their beliefs. They do not try to convert anybody against their will. This is the attitude needed by all Christians from whatever denomination in today's ever-changing world. Faith is low among all believers and non-believers because of all of modern societies ills. Many question why God allows the world and it's people to endure so many horrors and until these ills vanish Christians could not enforce their views successfully on others. ...read more.

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