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Abortion and Euthanasia are two very different topics especially when viewed from a legal and social perspective. However, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, they are both very much the same as they both concern the premature end to a life, a life which is very sacred.

Euthanasia is from the Greek words 'Eu' and 'Thanatos' combined to mean to 'die well'. It quite literally means 'a good death'. However, in everyday speech, it has come to mean the act of killing a person who is suffering from a terminal mental or physical illness. Presumably, euthanasia has been practised for centuries throughout many different cultures and Religions.

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Official church teachings are uncompromising over abortion and euthanasia. But there are organizations such as the life movement and S.P.U.C (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) that offer counselling, support and material help to women or girls who are pregnant and in distress.

Life is a gift from God.  Life is sacred.  Life must be preserved because it is very important no matter what age of the person and so the Catholic Church does not agree with abortion or euthanasia and considers these as sins, in all cases.

The Orthodox Church believes that the unborn child needs to ...

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