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Religion and Medical Issues Coursework Task For my GCSE coursework I am going to explain to you all the different available treatments for infertile

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Religion and Medical Issues Coursework Task For my GCSE coursework I am going to explain to you all the different available treatments for infertile couples, and I am also going to look at some religious views towards this issue. For the second part of my coursework I am going to be looking at genetic engineering. The available treatments infertile couples have to try and conceive a baby are AID, AIH, IVF and Surrogacy. Artificial insemination by donor (AID) is where a donor's sperm is used to fertilise a woman's egg. Artificial insemination by husband (AIH) is when a woman's partner's sperm is placed in her uterus to fertilise an egg. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is when an egg is taken from the mother's womb, fertilised in a test-tube and then placed in the womb to grow normally. Surrogacy is where a surrogate mother is one who agrees to carry and give birth to a baby for an infertile couple. Male infertility is called unfertile, and can be resolved by the treatment AID. ...read more.


In conclusion, I have found that infertility has many solutions, but they can cause problems in different religions. Transplant Surgery is where humans have their organs taken out of their body, and put into another. There are two types of Transplant Surgery, these are: 1 Transplants from a donor that is alive 2 Transplants from a donor that has died Transplants in which the donor is living A live donor transplant is where a person that is alive has surgery to get an organ removed from their body, and put into another person's body that is in desperate need of that organ. Having a live transplant limits the organs the person can donate. There are only two things a live donor can donate because they can just live on one of the two organs. These are the kidneys and a bone marrow transplant. To be successful when donating an organ, there must be a perfect match between recipient and donor. In the UK, it is illegal for someone to be paid to donate a kidney, although this sometimes happens in many Third World countries. ...read more.


Any interference with this amounts to interference with Gods plan. They don't even agree with it if people are suffering, because they believe that suffering is a valuable lesson. I agree with the Protestants as I think it is right to research human embryos, because at the end of the day it is going to help a lot of ill people with different illnesses. If you didn't do any research on human embryos, there wouldn't be as many cures for illnesses around these days and people would never get the cures they need. God made us all individuals, so I think that we should believe in what we want, and not what we are told. I also think that if researching embryos save people, then it is a good thing to use as you are saving not only one, but many people around the world. Overall I think that if people want to have infertility treatment, then people should let them and respect their choice, as after all it is their life and if they want children, then they should have the treatments. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Meakin 10.5 ...read more.

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