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Kenny Kwan Eng 101 9:00-10:25 Essay #4 Religion People from different countries may have different religions. In general, the Chinese believe in Buddhism; the Americans believe in Christianity or Catholicism; the Indians believe in Islam. Although they have their own belief, one similar faith they all hold is to respect their gods. In the story 'Unveiling Islam: what Muslims Believe' states that "Muslims must pray five times a day" (250). In America, people who believe in Christianity and Catholicism will go to church every Sunday to pray their god. In my country China, my parents who believe in Buddhism will pray every morning. We can see that no matter what religious they are, they are all respecting their god. Other than to respect their god, they will help spread their "religion faith" around. It can not be denied that different religions have their own ideas and faith. However, they are all carry out love and peace. ...read more.


Most religions have their own rite, and these rites are similar. The religion rite is the way for believer to pray for their god and express how they respect their god. As I read the story "Unveiling Islam: What Muslims Believe", it mentions, "The second pillar of Islam is Salah, or daily prayers. Muslims must pray five times a day; Prayer is said at prescribed times of the day: dawn, midday, mid-afternoon, sunset, and nightfall (250). For example, at the point of bowing and kneeling before God each Muslim recites in Arabic that he or she will not kneel or bow before anything or anyone other than Allah"(251). The Islamite respect their god more than they respect themselves because they use a lot of time to pray for their god and allow prayer to become their part of life. Actually, most religious doctrine is educating people to help and donate to other people, no matter what your religious belief is. ...read more.


Actually, most stories, myths, and principles have the same meaning in different religious. As I read the story "The Bible and Black Elk" mentions "But much that Black Elk says sounds like the Bible. He speaks of this people finding safety and peace "as little chickens under the mother's wing". In the Old Testament the Psalmist seeks refuge "in the shadow of they wings" (Psalm 57.1). In the New, Jesus asks, "How often I have gathered my children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings?"(Matthew 23:37) "(298). It has different example to explain the stories, but it still telling the same meaning. In my opinion, I believe it is possible for people from different religions to share the same understanding of faith. Most religions merely have one goal for their believer. It is educating people to love, help, donate, and respect other people, even if they come from different counties, speak different languages, and have different cultures. Furthermore, most religions advocate peace in the world and all people to be equal. ...read more.

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