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Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced In Britain

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Adam Whybro Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced In Britain? Capital punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment on criminals for any range of crimes. I believe that capital punishment should not be reintroduced into British society today, and should be totally removed from all the countries in the world that currently use it. Capital punishment in Britain was carried out for many years. In 1500 only major crimes such as treason, burglary, rape and murder were punishable by death. But by 1700 many more crimes had been added to this list and hundreds of people were being put to death each year. However by 1750 the death penalty was reformed and only the major crimes of murder and treason inflicted the death penalty. This continued until 1965 when capital punishment was abolished for a trial period in Britain. Capital punishment was effectively abolished in 1969, one year before the trial period was set to end. The last execution in Britain was a simultaneous hanging of two men on 13 August 1964. Peter Anthony Allen, aged 21, was hanged in Walton gaol, Liverpool and Gwynne Owen Evans, aged 24, was hanged in Strangeways, Manchester. ...read more.


Adam Whybro It must be remembered that criminals are still people who have human emotions like pain, fear and loss like everyone else, but people who are for the death penalty say that some of the most awful mass murderers should not have their feelings taken into account. This maybe true, but it is a different matter when you are talking about an eighteen year old girl shot in China for drugs trafficking in 1998. Another important reason against capital punishment is that no form of execution is a humane way to kill a criminal, despite what some people say. Every form of execution causes the prisoner suffering; it's just that some cause less suffering than others. There is no doubt that the execution is a terrifying ordeal for the prisoner, what is often overlooked is the "extreme mental torture" that the criminal suffers in the time leading up to the execution. For example, how would you feel if you knew you were going to die tomorrow at 8:00 am? The death penalty removes an individual's humanity and any chance of rehabilitation. ...read more.


These statistics prove that even though Texas has a high execution rate, this does not seem to deter murderers from committing crimes at all. Adam Whybro Another problem the death penalty faces in Britain is that if it was reinstated, it is believed by many officials that the number of life sentence convictions would reduce. This is because nowadays a public jury are unlikely to sentence a fellow human being to death, even if they have committed the worst crimes. Surveys show that about 2/3 of people in Britain would like to see capital punishment reinstated. In the short term there is no realistic chance of reinstatement, despite majority public support for such a move. Politically it would be impossible at present, because of our membership in the EU and our commitment to the convention of human rights, both of which are totally against capital punishment. All Britain's political parties except the Conservatives, who are split on the issue, are firmly against it. This would stop capital punishment from getting past both the House of Commons and House of Lords. In the future as far as I can see there is no chance that we will see capital punishment reinstated into British society. ...read more.

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