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The Ethics of Marriage and Divorce.

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The Ethics of Marriage and Divorce Over eighty percent of adults marry at some time in their lives. A couple may choose to marry for several reasons, the most common of which being that the couple are in love with each other and want to show their commitment to each other by sharing the same name, house and living with each other. If a couple are already living with each other, as is often the case, it may be a financial, social and legal advantage for them to get married. The couple may want to start and maintain a family, and might want a stable relationship and home for the children to grow up in. The bonds between families, and the ownership of property established by a marriage also affect the choice to marry. As well as the fact that many religions encourage marriage, which could affect the couple's choice. In a Christian marriage, the couple will be married by a clergyman, usually in a church with friends and family in attendance. The couple will be told about their relationships with God and each other and the seriousness of the process they are undertaking. ...read more.


Even so, they many not really believe in the principles of Christianity, so aren't under the obligation to follow the Wedding Vows. One option for the couple is to have a civil marriage ceremony. This means they go to a registrar's office where they are legally married. The only words they have to say are "I <name> hereby solemnly declare that I know or no legal impediment to my marrying <name>. I call upon these persons here present to witness that I <name> do take thee <name> to be my wedded <husband/wife>". Many non-Christian couples may feel more comfortable being married like this than in a church. Divorce is the legal termination of marriage. The Divorce Reform Act of 1971 states that the only grounds for a divorce are because an "irretrievable breakdown" has happened. This includes adultery, physical, verbal or mental abuse, the deserting of one partner by the other, or the separation of the couple for at least two years. Since 1971, divorce rates have risen, now one in three marriages in Britain ends in divorce. There are many reasons for this, but one of the more common factors is that couples rush into marriages without considering everything that will be effected the marriage, and as it has been made easier to divorce, split without trying to work on their problems. ...read more.


Adultery, extra-marital sex, is forbidden by the seventh commandment. Jesus taught that not only to commit adultery is wrong, but that any man "who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:27). Jesus is warning that lustful thoughts lead to lustful acts, and lustful acts, like pre-marital and extra-marital sex, are wrong. However, if a couple wait until they are married before they have sex for the first time together, they may find that they don't agree on certain things and that now that they have added sex to the carefully balanced equation of their relationship, it wont work. If a couple truly love each other, they should be able to overcome this, but sometimes one of the partners may seek sex elsewhere, causing the marriage to fall apart. Being a practising Christian myself, I certainly agree that Christians should wait to be married to their partner before having sex with them. I understand that a couple would want to have pre-marital sex to get to know each other, but I believe that with God's help, a couple can rise above any problems caused by lack of sexual experience if they wait until after they are marriage before having sex. Total word count: 1656 ...read more.

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