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GCSE: Capital Punishment

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  1. What are the Teachings of Christians and Jews towards Justice and Punishment?

    Christians believe that this is why so many re-offend. In Jewish scripture, we look to Deutronomy and Leviticus to find teachings toward justice and punishment. In here, it is said that Capital Punishment is not to be frowned upon, but the death penalty is seen as the just punishment for certain crimes. In Exodus 21:24, it says that punishment should be judged by the belief of " An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," This basically means that if someone commits murder, they deserve to have the same done to them.

    • Word count: 1670
  2. Capital Punishment is Racist, and Should Be Banned.

    Throughout history, race has figured heavily in the death penalty. . Before the Civil War, the slave codes mandated execution for any black who murdered a white, but allowed a mere fine for any white who killed a black. Postwar laws continued to require different sentences based on the race of the victim. Today, long after our laws have been stripped of such overt discrimination, the death penalty continues to be reserved overwhelmingly for cases where the victim is white. In the U.S, African Americans make up 12% of the population but 40% of death row.

    • Word count: 461
  3. Should Britain bring back Capital Punishment for Murder?

    In America the method of execution used to be the electric chair, the lethal injection or the gas chamber. Now they only have the death penalty in some states, but not all of them. Some think the death penalty should be brought back because it is the only way of ensuring a murderer will not be released or escape and then commit more murders. This is true but one can never prove someone will re-offend, even if it is likely.

    • Word count: 430
  4. What attitudes might Christians hold aboutcapital punishment?

    Even though Christians follow the same morals of loving their neighbour as much as themselves and loving God with their heart, mind, soul and strength, their lifestyles are often very different. Such differences are enhanced by the number of different denominations of the Christian Church, who all their own take on the Christian faith and how God should be worshipped. This makes the Christian religion much diversity as their interpretations are different. This difference between denominations in the Church, and the diversity between lifestyles of it's followers, undoubtedly give people different opinions on certain subjects.

    • Word count: 1710
  5. Capital Punishment

    what pain their negligence has caused many other people, like the victims family, then I am sure that after many years of this kind of intense teaching would change the convict's views on many subjects. Capital punishment should be illegal in every country worldwide so that no one can be wrongly convicted. In the United States of America approximately three hundred and fifty people have been wrongly convicted and been put to death by capital punishment. The destruction of a human life is a crime.

    • Word count: 1173
  6. Christian beliefs about death

    They are sent here to either be prepared for Heaven or to be prepared for Hell. Theologians believe that the majority of people will go to Purgatory first. Most individuals are not morally perfect or absolute evil. Christian Burial Rituals All Christian churches remember the honoured dead of their parishes by saying prayers for their souls. Even though all the churches have the same purpose their funerals are very different. Some will celebrate the deceased's life, others will mourn and talk about the dead quietly. Some are ornate and expensive parties while others are plain and simple gatherings. All celebrations of life are there to remember the dead and the comfort the deceased's families and friends.

    • Word count: 1440
  7. Religion and Criminal Justice - "Let's keep society safe and give murderers what they deserve - the death penalty".

    This is echoed in Christian teachings from the Old Testament Exodus 21:24 - "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". But this is not forgiving or promoting peace, which is what Jesus taught and it is he, above all others that Christianity is all about. Another thing that Jesus taught was to 'love your neighbour as yourself' and therefore protect him, as you would want to be protected. If protecting another means removing a murderer from society permanently then it cannot be wrong to do so.

    • Word count: 928
  8. Should Capital Punishment be allowed or not?

    Against this people may dispute that murder cases are investigated so thoroughly that mistakes like this would not happen. People may argue that this may cause judges or jurors to find guilty persons not guilty, as they don't want to make such a decision of life and death. The law states that judges or jurors have a responsibility to the public to deal out punishments as the evidence dictates. People may feel that murder is murder and that death sentences are included in this and that the government should set an example not to take the lives of others.

    • Word count: 782
  9. Death Penalty

    Further investigations of the Scriptures, though, reveal that Jesus did not condone such action. In fact, He challenged these views with Pharisees and the people. He called us all to Higher Ground. As Mahatma Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye will only serve to make the whole world blind." Moral Argument Many Criminals who commit crimes such as murder and are sentenced to execution spend their time waiting for death on death row. One argument though is that they only spend a small amount of time waiting, possibly under a year. But those who spend time sentenced to a live in prison have a very inhumane life.

    • Word count: 1809
  10. Let's Give murderers What they Deserve - the Death penalty.Explain the arguments for and against, and where the views of your chosen religion fit in.

    Exodus 21:12 The bible is ambiguous when it come to capital punishment. Some parts speak out in favour of it, and others against it, which is why so many Christians have so many different views. Ex New York senator James Donovan once spoke out in favour of capital punishment, and said: "Where would Christianity be if Jesus got eight to fifteen years off for good behaviour?" The reply was to a Christian Internet forum, and it went "Barbarians. That's what we have become.

    • Word count: 2370
  11. Discuss the Arguments For and Against the Reintroduction of the Death Penalty For Murder

    Munice, 2001). It is still retained in some states in the USA and in certain African and Asian countries. In many places where the death penalty is still used as a means of punishment, more people are actually sentenced to death than are killed. For example, in the USA during 1995, 3,000 people were under death sentences but only 56 were executed. Statistics like these often bring about critical questions like, whether there is any point in retaining the death penalty and whether or not it does actually have an effect on society or on crime. Some states may justify the use of capital punishment simply on retributive grounds although the most common political belief is that it has a general deterrent capacity to save further innocent lives and significantly reduce other capital offences (R.

    • Word count: 1441
  12. Argument Against Capital Punishment.

    The victims of Capital suffer great physical pain during their death. Those killed by the electric chair are electrocuted an average of 17 seconds before the perish. A Lethal Injection victim's arm is injected with a poison that makes there muscles violently spasm for over 30 seconds before their heart shuts itself down.

    • Word count: 499
  13. Capital Punishment is no longer practised in our society.Explain what differing Christian attitudes might be to Capital Punishment.

    Capital Punishment shows that society will not tolerate such crimes. Those who believe this could back up this belief with quotes from the bible such as "Man was made like God, so whoever murders a man will himself be killed by his fellow-man." (Genesis 9:6) With this quote from the bible, they could say it is saying that whoever kills another human will in return be killed by a fellow man, as man is like God and only God has the right to kill a man, but if we are made like God we too have that right.

    • Word count: 1203
  14. Capital Punishment

    "The punishment should fit the crime" is another one. Accordingly, it would be inappropriate to kill someone who was guilty of robbery or rape, but a murderer would be subject to execution. Treason, a crime against the government that involves the criminal helping the enemy is the other crime that may often result in execution. Those in favor of capital punishment argue that execution is a deterrent to capital crimes. They reason that the fear of death will prevent murderers from acting because of the retaliation in the form of execution.

    • Word count: 962
  15. Should Capital Punishment Be Made Legal?

    Capital punishment permanently removes the criminal from society. This is much cheaper and safer than life imprisonment, and society is given complete assurance that it is safe from this person. The cost of keeping people in prison for life is much higher than the cost of executing a prisoner. (Typically, 15 years of imprisonment for an ordinary prisoner costs us �375,000). We also pay for the facilities available to prisoners whilst in prison, such as the facilities available at Parkhurst prison, on the Isle of Wight; 'Within the gymnasium compound we have a large selection of facilities which are available to the prisoners.

    • Word count: 841
  16. What Attitudes Might Christians Hold About Capital Punishment?

    Christians believe that God has the only right to judge people and give/take life. They follow the Bible and forgive people just like Jesus Christ and God. Christians may have different attitudes towards moral issues, e.g. Capital Punishment. Human life is sacred because we are all created in the image and likeness of God, we will be like/resemble God. God is the source of life, only he can give and take away life, no one else has the right. " Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live.

    • Word count: 1719
  17. "Reformation is the best punishment" How far do you agree ?

    believe we should ?love thy neighbour? Matthew 25 and help them not to commit crime also Martin Luther king who was a Christian said ?neutralising evil with the force of love? meaning you have to help and be a ?good Samaritan? to the criminal as that will change them punishing them won?t. Some Hindu?s believe in Metta which means love and kindness, therefore a punishment which shows this is reformation, they also believe that by showing metta they will receive good karma and a good cycle of samsara which will lead to a good recarnation.

    • Word count: 621
  18. Justice demands the death penalty for serious crimes. Discuss

    And though that may still require us to take legal action against wrong-doing, we are called to do it in a spirit of love and mercy.? Moreover, it can be hypocritical to kill murderers and killing murderers does not show that killing is wrong. It also seems to be against Articles 3 (Everyone has the right to life) and Article 5 (No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    • Word count: 1353
  19. Case Study on Capital Punishment Derek Bentley and Chris Craig

    It was said he had the mental age of an 11 year old. Derek?s family weren?t really that well off so they could not pay for help for Derek. Apart form Iris, his family didn?t think highly of Derek and disapprove of what ever he did. Iris was the one who helped Derek the most she was the one who helped him gain confidence in himself. Chris Craig was the other participant to this case at the age of 16; Chris was a very family influenced teenager.

    • Word count: 894

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