"Christians Would Never Agree With Capital Punishment." Do You Agree?

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Clare Dowling

“Christians Would Never Agree With Capital Punishment.” Do You Agree?

On one hand some would agree with this statement, as capital punishment goes against the commandment ‘Do not commit murder’. Christians should follow this extremely important rule; surely killing a murderer makes the executioner a murderer as well? Jesus taught his followers about the concept of forgiveness, he told them to ‘love your enemies’. If we kill people for their crimes, we are not giving them a chance to admit they have done wrong and repent. Jesus taught his followers the right way to pray,

‘Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us.’

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Jesus also said in the Bible ‘Turn the other cheek.’ This clearly displays that fighting back or killing someone because they have committed a murder, is not the way we should go about things. Also if a criminal is later found that they are actually innocent, they can not be brought back from the dead.

Sister Helen Préjean is a spiritual adviser who goes around to people on death row oferring them support and helping them realise that God has forgiven their sins and he will always be with them. Helen is strongly against capital punishment; she has ...

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