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GCSE: Pilgrimage

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  1. Explain why going on a pilgrimage is important for many Roman catholic Christians.

    They also have Marion shrines, which are pilgrimage places associated with Our Lady. These are places where we believe she appeared like at Fatima where she appeared to three children and told them three secrets. Other shrines are places where Jesus taught and lived, a popular one is the Holy Land. Jodi Berkeley. In Bethlehem where Jesus was born people visit the Church of the Nativity. The Church of the Nativity is bedecked with treasures that are believed to be gifts left by the rich and poor pilgrims for over one thousand years.

    • Word count: 1482
  2. Explain why going on pilgrimage is important for many Roman Catholic Christians. With reference to two places of pilgrimage explain the meaning and practices associated with them.

    The site was recognized as holy in 1862 and in 1866 Bernadette became a nun. Lourdes is important to the Catholic Church because they Canonized Bernadette after she died at 35. Lourdes is of particular interest to the sick because it provides special care for the sick. The sick are prayed for anointed and taken to the baths that are connected with many miraculous cures. In the Catholic Church one of the processes before a saint is publicly proclaimed concerns an examination of miracles of healing attributed to that person, healing is a great sign of God's action in the church.

    • Word count: 1880
  3. Pilgrimage. Many Roman Catholic Christians feel that going on a pilgrimage makes them feel more aware of God.

    On the 11th of February 1858, fourteen-year-old Bernadette Soubirous found herself wandering the riverbank to a place called Massabielle. It was here that she saw the lady dressed in white, wearing a blue sash and a yellow rose on each foot. Today stands a marble statue of the Lady, set in the niche above the cave. It is of the exact description given to the Sculptor by Bernadette. The reason people had believed Bernadette was when during the sixteenth apparition Mary appeared to Bernadette and told her, "Que soy era immaculada conceptiou" meaning "I am the Immaculate Conception,' chosen at birth to be free from sin.

    • Word count: 2608

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