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What reasons do Christians give for being involved in politics or not?

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What reasons do Christians give for being involved in politics or not? Religion and Politics are reasonably similar things but in contrast tend to contradict each other. They are both ways of living life but religion focuses on trying to do what is morally correct for a country. And yet there have been many debates between people in different religions whether they should be involved in politics. There are some Christians that believe it is impossible to separate Politics and Religion as they are both absolutely important in life. There are many Christians that say that Jesus wasn't active in politics and he never asked his disciples to be involved in politics or join any specific political party. There are those who are in the government that believe that Christian views on decisions that are made in politics are very important and that Christians should vote in the general elections. In this country the monarch is responsible for both the way the country is run and the monarch is responsible of the running of the Church and this was established in the sixteenth century. ...read more.


So the link between politics and Christianity isn't nonexistent and as shown from the examples above there those who believe Christians should be in politics because it would be good for Christianity and for making laws. Some Christians argue that it is important to have a government that puts the will of God, before money, power, dominance and self interest. If this type of government were to assemble then it might mean there would a government that puts something that's good for society ahead of helping wealthy people and companies to grow financial better. The government would then build things like hospitals and schools. This is backed in the gospel of Matthew when the verse 19-20 state: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourself treasures in heaven. The Bible talks about the importance of one performing good deeds whereas it isn't just sufficient for someone to state they believe in God. Thy must prove this. ...read more.


Christians say that a Christian should be more involved in trying to further their spiritual sense i.e. spiritual development rather than waste time with politics. They claim that Christians should be more concerned on doing loving actions and loving people but society isn't run in a religious manner. Also Britain is made up with a mix of religions and cultures and all religions should therefore stay out of politics. St Paul said that Christians should follow their political leaders as their status has being given to them by God and so God is in charge of politics of the world and Christians should accept their leaders. For Christians the challenge is to obey the government who propose non-Christians views. Jesus in his time avoided being drawn into situations which would have made his actions seem like a direct threat to the political system and Christians mention this when defending themselves. The Church can also offer support to the government in making laws although some leaders of Christianity have been criticised for getting involved in politics. So in conclusion there are a small minority of those who believe Christians shouldn't be involved in politics although most feel Christians should be involved in politics. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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