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Would it matter if religion disappeared by the end of the 21st century?

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Would it matter if religion disappeared by the end of the 21st century? Religion has many effects on life and politics for example, people that follow one religion cant for example necessary eat the same food as somebody who doesn't follow any religion. This essay, will touch upon problems and benefits of following a religion, coming to a conclusion weather I think it would matter if religion disappeared by the end of the 21st century. Currently, there are many, many religions around the world, some such as Christianity (or similar religions) have literally billions of followers. Religion can, on one hand give followers strength and security within themselves; followers are involved in usually a large community of like-minded individuals. ...read more.


Religion can offer criminals an alternative, in Christianity; no matter what you have done, you can be forgiven. Criminals might perhaps return to crime if religion became a figment of our imagination in the following hundred years or so. Many prisons have an access a church or a prayer room of some kind, for this reason is why criminals often turn to a faith for forgiveness. However some activist religions believe that killings; such as a suicide bombing is a good thing. People are convinced by teachers or preachers that they will live forever in paradise if they complete such a killing. ...read more.


I think that so much controversy would arise if religion was totally gone, I don't see any point in trying to wipe it out. I feel that if people want to pursue a religion they should be able to without feeling worried of persecution, and even death because of their beliefs. I myself don't follow any religion, because I have no idea if there is on or several greater power(s). Perhaps the real question should be, is religion likely to disappear by the end of the 21st century, that way; a discussion of religious importance; and the stoppage of religious persecution could be ceased. At the end of the day, nobody could tell the future, who knows; tomorrow we could all be forced to join the Jedi religion! ...read more.

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