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Yasir Qadhi - the aim of life for Muslims(notes on Islamic beliefs and practices)

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´╗┐Notes from lectures Yasir Qadhi The aim of life ? 1.01.34 First why do we worship Allah? ?We worship Allah because of who Allah is because of how perfect how beautiful how majestic how glorious Allah AWJ is. even if Allah didn?t create me he would be still be worthy of my worship. And because he created me there is more reasons of Allah being worshiped Allah AWJ is worthy of being worshipped independent of anything else? 2nd how do we worship allah We worship allah by believing in the 6 pillars and we perform the 5 pillars Islam is based on 5 pillars 1 ?testify la illaha illalah mohammedurasulluah? 2 establish 5 prayers 3 pray zakat 4 fast Ramadan 5 you go for hajj What is Iman 1 You believe in Allah 2 You believe in the Prophets 3 You believe in the Angels 4 you ...read more.


?the only people who can truly fear me are the people of knowledge? 2. by being more consiouse of who your are standing in front of when we are praying And to understand what you are saying when your bowing and prostrating And to know the meaning of fatiha and the surahs recited in salah The prophet SAW said (ttnm)?nobody does wudu except that every drop of water that touches his skin and leaves it it will take a sin with it? The prophet SAW said(ttnm) ? the momin will be beautified according to how much wudu he did? (ttnm)?I will invite my ummah and I will recognise my ummah based on the wudu because they did wudu I will be able to see my ummah on the fields of day of judgement and I will call out to anyone who has these marks of wudu came and ...read more.


you get from muslim to momin by perfecting your worship -A momin will avoid the minor sins Momin has a better quality and quantity of worship then a muslim -And a mohsin is someone who worships allah as though he can see allah even if he cannot see allah allah sees him The mohsin doesn?t increase the quantity of worship from a momin but increases his quality of connection with Allah The beauty of islam is that every single action that one does can be converted into an action of worship e.g eating, dinking, feeding someone, sleeping and earning this is by your consciousness of Allah in these actions He lives his life as though he can see Allah If every deed he does is an act of worship then he has fulfilled the hadith of the prophet (ttnm) ?he is worshiping Allah as though he sees him? ...read more.

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