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Do Mobile Telephone Masts Actually Harm The Public?

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Do Mobile Telephone Masts Actually Harm The Public?


Mobile telephones have transformed the telecommunications industry. These devices can be used to make telephone calls from almost anywhere, the explosion in the popularity of having one means that over half of everyone in Britain has one. The increase in the amount of telephones can only have a “knock-on” effect on the amount of mobile telephone masts, and these are considered to be the most dangerous. The media have had a focus on the dangers that mobile telephone masts pose in the long term, and the public are most definitely concerned with the risks involved in having mobile telephone masts near where they live.

Basic health concerns

Concerns have been raised about the normal mobile phone, which has the antenna in the handset.

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Microwave radiation is part of a family of radiations called the electromagnetic spectrum. The other members of this spectrum include cosmic, gamma and ultraviolet radiations, visible light, infrared radiation, radio waves, and extremely low frequency radiation. These radiations travel through space as waves, and at the speed of light. A wave can be identified by its wavelength (distance from peak to peak) and by its frequency (the number of peaks that pass a stationery point every second). High frequency radiation has a small wavelength, and low frequency radiation has a long wavelength.

Frequency is measured in cycles per second. One cycle per second is one hertz (Hz).

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This concern proves to be widespread and because of the long-term risks, people in residential areas have particular concerns that are really based on a fear for their children’s future health.


From my research, I have found that the time the subject is exposed to the microwave emmissions, has a great indication of whether they would be affected or not. The only risk that seems to be proven is the long-term exposure to high frequency microwaves (exactly the type of microwaves emitted by the majority of telephone masts), and this proves to be highly dangerous.




- Neel Patel – DCS – SPU Coursework– Jackie Frood – 12/03/2005 - / -

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Response to the question

The response to the question is done well. The candidate goes into good scientific depth on the science behind the concerns and focuses somewhat on the social impact on people and outlines lightly their concerns. To improve the candidate ...

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Response to the question

The response to the question is done well. The candidate goes into good scientific depth on the science behind the concerns and focuses somewhat on the social impact on people and outlines lightly their concerns. To improve the candidate should focus more on the question which means focusing on the problems that can be caused by microwave rays which is not covered particularly well, and they should improve their conclusion a lot to reflect on the actual essay.

Level of analysis

The abstract seems to act as more of an introduction. The candidates outlines the basic model of the essay, but does not expand on why the telephone masts may cause a problem in the abstract which could be baseline mentioned so we know the focus of the topic. The candidate goes on to explain in detail the concern behind the use of mobile phones in the media in good scientific depth. The candidate does not really focus on the damage that they think the microwaves will do, and do not concentrate on radio masts explicitly but mainly mobile phone emissions. The conclusion is not adequate because it introduces many concepts which have not been discussed previously in the essay.

Quality of writing

Punctuation, grammar and spelling to a good level, and the format of the essay is clear and concise.

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Reviewed by skatealexia 31/07/2012

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