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Friction Investigation Physics Coursework

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Sophie Vernon 10a Friction Investigation physics Coursework Which Experiment I have chosen: My group Hannah, Keely and Jenny decided to do the experiment using different weights and then calculating its friction by the distance the weight travelled when flung from an elastic band. Was it a fair test? Yes. It was a fair test because all the other factors in the experiment stayed the same except for the weight, which increased. ...read more.


Also we had to make sure that the surface of the floor or table we were using always stayed the same and that we did not move, this was also to ensure the experiment was safe because the smoothness of the surface will affect the friction that occurs. Safety: We had to make sure that safety was a priority we did this by ensuring we always wore safety goggles and behaving in a sensible manner with the elastic bands. ...read more.


Results Weight Distance Average 50g 132 50g 158.5 50g 135 100g 71 100g 85 100g 88 150 52 150g 56.5 150g 46 200g 37 200g 45 200g 42 Conclusion: My prediction that the heavier the weight the less far that that it will travel was proven correct by my results. This means that the heavier the weight the more friction it will create as the force it has on the surface is stronger. Force Results Force (N) 1st 2nd 3rd Average 0.1 3.5 3.7 3.3 3.5 0.2 13 15 14 14 0.3 26 27 27 26.5 ...read more.

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