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Global Warming

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Heads Up! Oceans Rising Faster Near Coasts April 26, 2004... According to Simon Holgate and Philip Woodworth of Proud man Oceanographic Laboratory, in Bidston , UK , satellite measurements of sea levels have revealed the sea seems to be rising faster near the coast than in mid-ocean. This is attributed of global warming in that, as water in the oceans expands as it warms up, and more is added as glaciers and ice caps melt. However, the satellite also reveals an unexpected phenomenon: during the same period, the water level within 100 kilometres of the coast rose faster, by an average of 3.7 millimetres a year. Holgate and Woodworth conjecture the oceans are behaving like water in a bathtub. If you splash in the bath, waves travel outwards and then run around the edges of the tub. This hypothesis was first proposed by Kirk Bryan of Princeton University and his colleagues in 1996, when they theorized what would happen when part of an ocean heats up: the water ...read more.


"That's not a moral choice," Gore said. "I don't want to hear from this bunch: 'We didn't know'." Gore has questioned Bush's policies on the economy, environment and values in previous appearances since emerging from a year of political seclusion in February. He has not said whether he will make another run at the White House in 2004. The Bush administration has put "lobbyists for the polluters in charge of policies" and put "the hungriest fox they could find" to guard government henhouses, Gore said. The Bush administration had repeatedly emphasized that there was not enough scientific evidence to link global warming to industrial emissions and has refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty, which seeks to reduce worldwide atmospheric emissions. The State Department has submitted the report by the EPA, whose top officials are appointed by the president, to the United Nations. Republicans want to turn their back on the environment rather than embrace new technologies that can clean up the environment and create jobs, Gore said. ...read more.


However, politicians don't care about people as media announcing about the importance of that issue because their benefits should go down by closing and limiting the manufacturing of the emission products. New reports about global warming have shown that global warming is a direct threat to life in many ways such as flooding (spreading health diseases), different radiations etc. I have gathered some opinions with a class of students and the teacher, as they say: some people don't care about global warming because they can't understand the background of the matter. Some people cannot follow the instructions to reduce the emission (carbon dioxide) and recycling which are the main points of increasing the level of global warming. In some of students view Global Warming should be thought in an early age of school to educate our new nation about global warming. Lastly government should have new plans to reduce the level of emission of companies and take actions to recycle the rubbish belongs to the people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rawaz Faris ...read more.

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