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Hive World

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Hive World                ultimate40k (www.ultimate40k.net)

Hive World

By Chris Handley

Within the deep void of the warp a shadow of pure malice tears into the material universe. Huge claws and tentacles are silhouetted against the luminous red plasma of the reality, thrashing tendrils of violent power and radiation colour the vacuum with an unnatural menagerie. Though as the beast glides over eddies of plasma the void falls silent, a shadow to the forces of chaos.

In the diamond-scattered curtain of the night, hanging near the great Pegasus nebula, a jade orb is encircled by its ring of iron. This ‘Defence ring’ is the only survival this world has in the war torn galaxy.

Millions of tons of plasteel and adamantium rush through space, its destination the agri-world of Delos IV. The ship, miles long, is covered in archaic weapons, their batteries having survived many thousands of years of war. The construct, of lasers, missiles and cannons jutting out of the gothic alcoves, is pushed on towards the planet.

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Righteous Fire you have permission to dock, please proceed to port 45 and we shall ready for his honour.”

        The comm fizzes with static and dies down. The lieutenant gazes at the view screen, tracking the path taken by the cruiser. “ By the Emperor, what is going on?” He takes a gulp of air and gets up. He passes the warp signature scanner, its holographic imager alive with information and runes. One though was new, Lambda. It seemed to be situated within a growing warp disturbance. Forcae tapped a button on his headset and the small diode change from green to blue.

        “Gamma flight you out there. This is Forcae; look I’ve got a reading of a warp storm coming but its different. Look, could you make a pass near the nebula at sector Tao, seven, niner. It could be nothing or it could be a problem. I’ll contact Sector Command and see if they have anything.”

        “Affirmative. We’ll make a pass and then head back to the ‘Barn’. Clear skies.”

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        “We can’t sir.” panted Forcae.

        The cloud of purple spores and spines shattered on the shield, sprays of acidic bile crackled and evaporated on the energy barrier. Sections of the ring were smashed of in the rain of the organic projectiles.

        “Sir, it’s Leviathan.”

        The cloud of Tyranid weapons moved on to the planet, moving through the haywire wall of laser blasts, to eventually reveal the enormous coiled shell of the Hive ship.

About the author

I'm 17 and have been playing 40k for nearly 4 years. I am a devote lover of the Tyranids or anything tinted by their DNA. I originally played Epic and now have sizeable forces for all games. They include Chaos Knights, Epic Space Wolves and Tyranids, GorkaMorka Orks, Skaven for Mordheim and Necromundan Spyrers.

Other games I take part in are Star Wars and Vampire role-play games, and Magic:tG.

Other interests include any good horror movie, sci-fi, lots of Buffy and listening to Heavy_Thrash_Grunge_Nu_Death_Black_Metal.

Oh on a final note I live in Kington Hereford and for the forum my name is DNA.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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