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How Successful is Graham Greene as a story teller? Referring to both stories in your answer, indicate the one you prefer and why - I spy and All but Empty

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Mark Booth        Response to Prose: Post 1914        21/11/2001

1). How Successful is Graham Greene as a storyteller? Referring to both stories in your answer, indicate the one you prefer and why.

I think Graham Greene can be said to be a successful storyteller with some of the stories he wrote. I will consider the stories ‘I Spy’ and ‘All But Empty’ both post 1914 in this essay.

I think the short story ‘I Spy’ has been written well because the story is based on a real part of history, one of the world wars that he could remember and this makes it much more believable. Greene also uses real situations that could arise such as peer pressure on the value of smoking.

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The other short story by Graham Greene called ‘All But Empty’ is about a movie in the 1930’s at a cinema. The narrator, who always goes there to see the attendant on the ticket kiosk, sits in the cinema alone but then an old man comes and sits next to him. The short story describes the atmosphere at a specific movie where a gramophone is used for the music instead of a pianist. When the old man comes to sit next to the narrator he is said to have a wet beard that brushes past the narrator’s face.

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Personally I prefer the short story “I Spy” because I think it relates to a real point in history, which leads you to believe that it is a true story. For me this seems more interesting to study. Whereas the story “All But Empty” appears to be based more on a fictional point so, not based on a point in history so for myself who prefers factual texts does not appeal to me at all.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay manages to fulfill its aim but does not discuss many tools or devices of the author.
1. Do not just summarize plots.
2. Use examples to illustrate the use of narrative tools and devices.
3. The conclusion should summarize and compare the stories based on their effectiveness.

Marked by teacher Luke Smithen 13/08/2013

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