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Investigation to Show How Length Affects the Resistance of a Wire.

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Investigation to Show How Length Affects the Resistance of a Wire. An investigation has been set to discover how the length of a wire affects the resistance within it. Planning and Information: What Is Resistance? Resistance is simply a collision between positive ions from which the structure of metals is formed and the free electrons that surround the ions. The more the collisions that occur, the more the resistance and the more the resistance the more the wire's temperature increases. The increase in temperature means that the electrons will be affected and therefore move faster which in turn means that there will be more collisions. Electrons move whilst the positive ions remain stationary. What Is Expected To Happen And Why? I expect that as the wire gets longer, so too will the resistance increase (as the wire gets longer it increases the amount of ions and ion collisions), this means that they should be directly proportional to each other. With this prediction this means that when the Average resistances are set onto a graph, it should become a straight-line graph. ...read more.


Digital ammeters and voltmeters will be used as they are a lot more accurate which makes for more accurate results and calculations. Ohms Law: In order for me to calculate the resistance in the circuit I will need to use Ohms Law, which says: "The potential difference across a device will be proportional to the current going through it providing the temperature remains constant". i.e. V = I x R or R = V/I In order to keep the temperature constant there are two things that can be done, keep the temperature in the room constant and use a variable resistor, this will allow you to be able to easily adjust the current so that you may have the same amount of current throughout the experiment. All the testing I do will be done in the space of one day in order to ensure that the temperature does not change dramatically. Diagram: Wire Wire This Diagram shows that when the length of the wire increases, so too then does the resistance of the wire increase i.e. ...read more.


Conclusion: My graphs show that as the length of the wire increases, so too does the resistance within the wire increase. As can be seen by the two graphs, they have both become straight-line graphs and the two measurements on the graph are directly proportional to each other. This is exactly what I predicted and proves my prediction to be correct. Evaluating Evidence: In order for me to improve this experiment I could have done a number of things. These include: 1. Ensuring that the wire was entirely and completely straight throughout its length and had no bends in it - every bend or kink in the wire would make it slightly longer that an exact 80 centimetres and would lead to incorrect measurements and calculations, 2. Ensuring that the wire was the same length throughout the length of the wire - if it was not then the resistance will be different and therefore my measurements and calculations incorrect, 3. Putting the crocodile clips on properly and using the same method throughout all the measurements taken. Adrian Peel Page 1 of 3 GCSE Physics Coursework ...read more.

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