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Keeping Hot Drinks Hot.

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Science Investigation – Keeping Hot Drinks Hot


From my results, I can tell that the best insulator in the experiment is Polystyrene.  The worst insulator in the test was aluminium.  The polystyrene is a very good insulator because it has several air pocket which keep heat in.  Air is a good insulator of heat, which helps keep object warm.

In this test, aluminium foil is the worst insulator.  Metals are good conductors and are not good insulators.  Aluminium foil is a metal therefore, it would be likely for it to be one of the worst insulators.  The heat is lost due to conduction.  This is when particles get heated and start to move rapidly.  The particles bump into each other, causing the heat to move along the metal.

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The student’s hypothesis is wrong.  Aluminium foil was actually the worst insulator in the experiment.  I can understand why the student thought this because she says, “in hospitals, aluminium foil is used to cover people suffering from hypothermia”.  From this, you would think that aluminium foil must be the best insulator.  This is not true, but

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To improve this test the student could use a temperature probe.  This would measure the temperature constantly, giving an accurate reading when the student chooses too.  Also, doing the test more than once and then taking an average.  This would make the experiment more accurate for when the student writes up the results of the experiment.  Measuring the thickness of the materials of the insulators would also make the student’s experiment more reliable.

By Steph Jones 10Q

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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